Darksiders II The Nook Floor 2 Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Nook Collectibles

The Nook is another Darksiders II Forge Lands area where we can find Stonebites and Book of the Dead Pages, but unlike other areas featured in our complete Darksiders 2 collectibles’ guide, The Nook also includes a dungeon.

In Forge Lands, The Nook connects Baneswood and The Lost Temple, and we will have to cross a dungeon to reach the northern zone.

No matter when and why we explore The Nook, it is important to pay close attention to the environment or we will miss the Darksiders II hidden collectibles revealed by the guide below.

Assuming that Death already acquired Strife’s gun, the Deathgrip and the Lure Stone from The Fjord, when we enter The Nook, we use the following hints and maps to find all collectibles, before advancing towards The Lost Temple.

Stone of Mystics Location

On the first floor of the dungeon, after we use the stone Construct to get to the upper door, we advance until we reach the large central area. Inside we can use a lever to open a gate and return to the stone Construct.

This specific lever also unlocks a path to the left.

We follow that corridor so we can reach the basement level. Next, we turn left, and moments later we take another turn to the left.

Eventually, we will enter a room with two elevators and a locked blue ball (which can be released by standing on two poles on a wall).

We need to solve the puzzle to unlock the exit door, but before that, we look above the elevator, to the right, to locate the Stone of Mystics.

Book of the Dead Page Location

After we get the Deathgrip we have to return to The Nook and reach the second floor.

We go to the main area (the one with an opponent similar to a plant), but we use the door near the stone Construct, not the one that requires the help of his chain; and as soon as we jump down into the grass, we take a look to the left, to see a point where we can use the Deathgrip.

We climb up that wall and use the bomb there to clear that yellow Corruption. Now we can collect another Darksiders 2 Book of the Dead Page.

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