Darksiders II The Maw Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Maw Collectibles

In Darksiders II, The Maw is the largest surface area we have to cover while crossing Kingdom of the Death trying to find all Darksiders II collectibles.

Located south from The Breach, The Maw in Darksiders 2 includes the Phariseer’s Tomb, the Serpent Peak, and the Sentinel’s Gaze dungeons.

While crossing the Darksiders 2 Maw area, we have to pay close attention to the environment, as it holds many secrets and hidden collectibles, including Stonebites for Blackroot, Vulgrim’s Book of the Dead Pages and Ostegoth’s Lost Relics.

With the help of the Darksiders II guide below, we will try to find all Darksiders II collectibles in The Maw, using the map and the hints provided for this specific region.

Book of the Dead Page Location

At the crossroads of two bridges in The Maw, we take neither the path to The Spine nor the one to the City of the Dead.

Instead we go straight ahead on the smaller bridge on that raised platform with two torches, and in the left corner we find a Darksiders II Book of the Dead Page (marked on the map below with a yellow square).

First Mystic Stonebite Location

On the road inside the cave leading to Serpent’s Peak, to the left, is the entrance to merchant Vulgrim.

Before entering his location, we look high above, to spot a Darksiders Stone of Mystics attached to the cave’s ceiling.

Second Mystic Stonebite Location

At the south end of The Maw, where the gate passing is, we take a look to the left (while facing the gate), to one of the windows, where we spot another Darksiders 2 Stone of Mystics.

Third Mystic Stonebite Location

This is the hardest to get collectible in the entire game, because it is located in the Soul Arbiter’s Maze. In order to navigate through the maze we have to find 20 scrolls that contain the correct path (or we can use this guide for the proper coordinates).

The Stone of Mystics is at the end of the seventh level called Revulsion, on the wall behind the portal that leads to the eighth level.

In order to take the right path, we need to pass through the correct portals by following the coordinates below:

  • Level 01: N,W
  • Level 01 Secret: S,E
  • Level 02: E,S,N
  • Level 02 Secret: N,N
  • Level 03: W,E,N,N
  • Level 03 Secret: N,S,E
  • Level 04: E,W,N,S
  • Level 04 Secret: W,E,N
  • Level 05: W,W,N,E
  • Level 05 Secret: W,N,S
  • Level 06: S,E,E,N,N
  • Level 06  Secret: E,E,E,S
  • Level 07: S,W,E,E,E
  • Level 07  Secret: S,S,W,N,N
  • Level 08: N,W,N,W,E
  • Level 08 Secret: N,S,S,E,N
  • Level 09: E,N,E,N,S
  • Level 09 Secret: S,W,E,E,N
  • Level 10: W,E,N,S,W
  • Level 10 Secret: N,S,E,W

First Power Stonebite Location

After we cross the bridge from The Maw leading to Serpent’s Peak, instead of going through the large doorway, we go straight down the road, and at the end of the road, we turn right and climb down in order to enter a structure.

Once we are inside we need to look above the corridor, behind us, and on one of the windows we see a Stone of Power.

Second Power Stonebite Location

When we obtain Death’s ability called Interdiction, we can open the gate in the southern area of The Maw, to cross to The Spine.

At the exit of that pass we need to look at the wall to our right because it can be climbed in order to reach a chest.

After we open the chest, while facing it, we look to our right on the top of the wall we just climbed, to spot another Stone of Power.

Third Power Stonebite Location

If we take the door to Soul Arbiter’s Maze and take a look high above at the balcony, we can spot another Stone of Power. We need to get to a distance so that we can shoot it down.

If we have trouble seeing it (or shooting it) from ground level, then we should climb up, where the yellow lever/mechanism is.

Relic of Etu-Goth Location

On the path leading to the entrance of Soul Arbiter’s Maze we can find a Darksiders II Relic of Etu-Goth. As soon as we reach the entrance, while facing it, we turn right and go behind the rock there to find it.

Relic of Khagoth Location

We take the road to Serpent’s Peak until we reach the entrance where we can’t use the horse (the path inside the cave). But for the next collectible, we need to continue on the outside road until the end (the southern area of the map).

We go down where a chest is shown on the map, and we use the yellow lever to turn around the wall and reveal some climbable spots. We must be very quick to climb the wall, because, after a short time, the wall will get back into its original position.

On top of the wall we can find the Darksiders II Relic of Khagoth (marked on our map with a green cross).

Darksiders II The Maw Collectibles Map

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