Darksiders II The Lost Temple Floor 2 Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Lost Temple Collectibles

Darksiders II The Lost Temple, another Forge Lands dungeon featured in the video game, includes even more Darksiders II collectibles, and the following game guide, refers to their locations in this specific area.

In Darksiders II, The Lost Temple can be located north of The Nook and Baneswood. In fact, The Lost Temple can be accessed only by crossing The Nook, or by fast travelling using the map.

Inside The Lost Temple, Death can find additional Book of the Dead Pages for Vulgrim and Stonebites for Blackroot.

Throughout the game guide below, we explain where to look for all Darksiders II Lost Temple collectibles, and how to get them.

The guide is part of the full Darksiders 2 collectibles’ guide, created with the purpose of helping all Darksiders II fans who wish to find these important items.

First Book of the Dead Page Location

The first Book of the Dead Page in The Lost Temple is a bit tricky because it’s locked behind a gate on the first floor. We will arrive in an area with two stone Constructs (to get here we take the only opened path after a long fight in the arena).

We activate the first stone Construct and place it on the elevator. We go up where we can find another stone Construct. We activate it and use it to raise the elevator.

Next, we take the stone Construct and place it in the left spot to open a grate. Normally, we should take the other stone Construct and place it in the other available spot in order to open the red door; but we shouldn’t do this yet.

Instead, we go through the gate with the stone Construct (we can notice we just passed by a locked page) and use his fist to break the yellow Corruption on the wall. We now have a spot to mount his chain. We leave it there and return to the first stone Construct.

We move the Construct from his spot in order to lock the gate we passed with the other stone Construct. This move will unlock the gate that holds the locked page. Now, we use the chain to go back and collect the Book of the Dead Page.

Mystic Stonebite Location

When we enter The Lost Temple (first floor), we need to use a stone Construct to open a door. We go through that door into a large room where we have to fight three monsters (the room that has a Skeleton Key door). After we defeat them we need to take the path to the right.

We just walk until the end of that path, where we will find another stone Construct. We return with the stone Construct in the main room and go to the other side of the chamber, where the blue ball of the stone Construct fits.

We destroy the yellow corruption and look below, to spot a Stone of Mystics.

Second Book of the Dead Page Location

After we go inside again (second floor) from the outside section of The Lost Temple, we need to climb the wall in front of us so we can release a blue ball to open a red door.

After we release it, instead of going down, we look for a small room to the left which contains another Book of the Dead page.

Power Stonebite Location

In exactly the same area where the second Book of the Dead Page is located (second floor), we look outside, to the left side of the entrance to a small room, and we will see a Stone of Power.

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