Darksiders II The Fjord Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Fjord Collectibles

Another important area in Darksiders II, the video game, is The Fjord, as it also includes several Darksiders 2 collectibles and a very important item, needed to get them.

The Fjord is the western zone in Forge Lands, located west of Stonefather’s Vale and Shadow Gorge; and south of The Shattered Forge.

When we reach this zone it is very important to locate Blackroot, a merchant who is willing to give us the Lure Stone. Without the Lure Stone, Death can’t collect the Stonebites required by Blackroot.

After we get this specific item, if we already have the pistol, we can start collecting the Stonebites, following the maps below, which reveal their locations.

While exploring The Fjord we keep in mind that this area also includes a dungeon of the same name, and because of this the following Darksiders II collectibles’ guide features additional maps to help us locate all Stonebites in The Fjord.

First Stone of Mystics Location

As we enter The Fjord from Shadow Gorge, we go straight ahead where Blackroot is located (west side of the area).

As we climb up the hill where we see Blackroot, we spot a Stone of Mystics on a rock. We make sure that while facing Blackroot; we slightly turn left and look up, for a blue shard.

Second Stone of Mystics Location

We continue to explore The Fjord and we take the narrow road to the right (the one that leads to The Drenchfort).

After we finish the straight line we need to take a turn to enter a tunnel. At the second turn in that tunnel we look on the wall to the right for another Darksiders II Stone of Mystics.

First Book of the Dead Page Location

This Book of the Dead page can only be collected after we have the ability called Voidwalker. First, we need to go where Vulgrim is located in The Fjord (we swim until we reach the most southern point on the map).

On the backside of the wall behind Vulgrim is a Voidwalker point which we need to activate. After that, we climb the wall to reach a room with some yellow Corruption in it and a small crack on one of the walls.

We climb the small pile of rubble in order to see another Voidwalker point through the crack. After we activate it and go through the one on ground level, we arrive in a room with a bomb.

We use a bomb through the wall crack in order to clear the yellow Corruption. Now we can return to that room to collect the page that was hidden behind the yellow Corruption.

Stone of Resistance Location

This Stone of Resistance can only be obtained after we have acquired the Voidwalker. It is located where merchant Vulgrim is, in the same area where we use the Voidwalker to collect the first Book of the Dead page.

Just above the crack we used to activate the second Voidwalker point is the stone we’re searching for.

Stone of Power Location

As we go down the path in The Fjord we will find a crossroad. If we follow the road to the left and walk until the end of that path, we will come across a door.

We enter the building and after we cross the first corridor we turn around and look up to find another Darksiders II Stone of Power.

Second Book of the Dead Page Location

The Book of the Dead Page in The Fjord can be difficult to obtain because it requires the ability called Soul Splitter, which then needs to be used to solve a puzzle.

The page is located in the building at the far end of The Fjord (the same building where we found the Stone of Power), but it’s on a raised level, behind a locked gate. First of all, we position ourselves on the central platform, and then we activate the Soul Splitter.

We take one form and we position it on a pressure plate, and the other form on the opposite pressure plate. Now the central platform will rise.

When it’s at the top, we need to deactivate the Soul Splitter and quickly jump forward. On this level the strategy is the same.

We position ourselves on the free pressure plate, we activate the Soul Splitter, we take one form and we put it on the pressure plate that’s behind bars, and with the form that’s still available we collect the Book of the Dead Page in The Fjord.

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