Darksiders II The Cauldron Floor 1 Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Cauldron Collectibles

The Cauldron is one of the first Darksiders 2 dungeons we have to complete while advancing through the video game.

As most dungeons, The Cauldron in Darksiders 2 features more than one floor and it includes additional Darksiders 2 collectibles.

The Darksiders II Cauldron dungeon is located in the Charred Pass area, west of The Scar.

Inside The Cauldron we can locate two Darksiders II Book of the Dead Pages required by Vulgrim. It is important to remember that after we complete a chapter from the Book of the Dead, Vulgrim is willing to buy it from us, for various rewards.

As an example, if we complete the first chapter in Darksiders II Book of the Dead, Vulgrim will give us a Bone Key which unlocks the Forge Lands Tomb.

The Forge Lands Tomb or the Death Tomb is located in The Nook and to enter it we need the Bone Key. The entrance to the tomb can be identified by the four shards of different colors we can see on the door  while exploring the area.

Once we get inside the small tomb we will find various chests containing powerful items and weapons; therefore, as soon as we complete the first chapter in the Book of the Dead we return it to Vulgrim.

Two pages can be found using the maps above.

First Book of the Dead Page  Location

There is a Darksiders 2 Book of the Dead page in the room where we need to complete the puzzle in order to obtain the second Skeleton Key from The Cauldron.

We free the first blue ball using an explosion and roll it to the other end of the room so we can open the gate to the second blue ball.

We enter the small room containing the second blue ball and look for the page.

Second Book of the Dead Page  Location

On the right side of the lever above the main room in The Cauldron there are some vases.

We smash them in order to receive another Darksiders II Book of the Dead page.

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