Darksiders II The Breach Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Breach Collectibles

In Darksiders II Kingdom of the Dead area, The Breach is the middle zone we can observe on the main map, but it includes a dungeon called simply Breach.

This specific dungeon must be explored if we want to find all Darksiders II collectibles.

The zone known as The Breach connects Leviathan’s Gorge with The Maw; therefore we will eventually cross it during one of the game’s main quests.

When we enter The Breach looking for more Darksiders II collectables, it is a good idea to explore the dungeon, and using the instructions and hints provided by this specific Darksiders II collectibles’ guide, we should retrieve the valuable items inside it.

Resistance Stonebite Location

It is a little hard to get the Stone of Resistance in The Breach, not because it’s hidden, but because it requires some work that we have to do in another area of the map.

First of all, we need to cross the bridge from The Breach to Phariseer’s Tomb.

At the end of the bridge, to our right, is a building with some chests in it.

We climb all the way to the top, and there, we have to rotate the statue with the light beam so that the light can reach the other side, where The Breach is.

This action unlocks the grates outside the top of The Breach.

Now we need to go to The Breach (we take the entrance from The Maw) and in the first room we climb to the left side (there is a hole in the ceiling at the far left side of the room) so we can get outside the building.

Here is another statue with a light beam that we can turn 180 degrees so that the light reaches the area where we previously activated the first statue in order to deactivate the grates from some chests.

Past this statue (the opposite area of the ceiling hole) and to the left, is a Darksiders II Stone of Resistance that we can collect from the wall.

Darksiders II The Breach Collectibles Map

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