Darksiders II Stonefather's Vale Collectibles Map

Darksiders II Stonefather’s Vale Collectibles

In Darksiders II, Stonefather’s Vale is the first important area we explore, when the game starts.

Located west of The Weeping Crag, east of Shadow Gorge, and south of the pass that leads us towards the Tree of Life, Stonefather’s Vale is one of the largest zones in Darksiders II.

Even if there are no dungeons in Stonefather’s Vale, we must explore the zone as soon as we enter it, because here we will find one of the Book of The Dead Pages required by Vulgrim.

The item is a Darksiders 2 collectible that must be located and retrieved by Death. The following Darksiders 2 guide explains where to look for all collectibles in Stonefather’s Vale, and how to get them.

Book of the Dead Page Location

The first Darksiders 2 Book of the Dead Page that we can acquire in the game is located in the far north-east corner of the Stonefather’s Vale.

On the map below, the yellow marker shows the exact location of this collectable.

Since Stonefather’s Vale is a large area, to get to the point marked on the map, we should use Death’s horse, Despair to move faster.

Once we get it, assuming that the road to The Weeping Crag is accessible, we should move to that area, where outside we can find additional Darksiders 2 collectables.

Stone of Mystics Location

In exactly the same area where we collect the Book of the Dead Page (north-east corner), we need to look at the cliff to our right (the part where the sun shines) to find a Darksiders 2 Stone of Mystics.

Darksiders II Stonefather's Vale Collectibles Map

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