Darksiders II Sentinel's Gaze Collectibles Map

Darksiders II Sentinel’s Gaze Collectibles

North of Phariseer’s Tomb in Kingdom of the Dead area of Darksiders II we can find Sentinel’s Gaze, a small dungeon where we can find only two Darksiders II collectibles; however, what makes this dungeon so important is the fact that inside it, is a secret entrance which allows us to access a hidden dungeon called Boneriven.

The entrance to Boneriven is on top of the central construction from Sentinel’s Gaze, and in order to get all collectibles in Darksiders 2, we have to visit both locations.

In Darksiders II Sentinel’s Gaze, we can find a Power Stonebite for Blackroot and one of Ostegoth’s Lost Relics.

Both locations where we should look for these items are revealed by the map below, which was customized using two different symbols to outline each type of collectable inside this specific dungeon.

When we reach the Sentinel’s Gaze in Darksiders II, looking for more hidden collectibles, we make sure we focus on the dungeon’s first floor, where these items can be located.

Power Stonebite Location

After climbing the central structure (the one after the bridge), past the yellow Corruption, we turn around to see a Stone of Power on the top of the statue that is there.

We can use the Soul Splitter if we have trouble with the bomb, as all we have to do is to aim with one of our forms while using the other in order to get the bomb to a higher level.

Relic of Etu-Goth Location

After we cross the bridge in Basement 1, we take the left path, we cross the yellow Corruption and we climb up the wall, where the bomb is.

Behind a torch is the Relic of Etu-Goth.

Darksiders II Sentinel's Gaze Collectibles Map

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