Darksiders II Collectibles Guide

Darksiders II Collectibles Guide

Darksiders 2 features a vast number of collectibles that can be found by players who have purchased one of the most expected video games of 2012, but unlike in the previous title, in Darksiders 2, these collectibles play a different role.

The Darksiders II collectibles can be divided in several categories, and throughout the following guide we reveal their locations along with instructions on how to get them faster, in order to improve Death’s equipment and his skills.

Since the world featured in Darksiders II is divided in areas, and dungeons, our Darksiders 2 collectibles’ guide was also divided in parts, and each part refers to the collectibles that can be found in a specific area/dungeon.

Darksiders 2 includes the following types of collectables:

Pages of the Book of the Dead

The pages of the Book of the Dead in Darksiders 2 are scattered across the realms and can be collected as soon as the game starts. Players need to collect 10 pages to create a chapter, and then sell the complete chapter to Vulgrim for a reward.

When Death talks to Vulgrim for the first time, the Darksiders 2 The Book of the Dead quest is activated, and to complete it, players must collect all Darksiders II Book of the Dead pages.

Most pages can be found outside; however, some of them are also hidden inside dungeons.

Stonebites/Blackroot’s Stones

Stonebites, on the other hand, cannot be collected as soon as the game starts. In order to be able to get them, players need to acquire the pistol called Redemption from Alya.

Redemption is a powerful pistol belonging to Death’s brother, Strife, and Alya will give this important item to Death, after a specific quest.

Once players receive the pistol, and as soon as the path to Shadow Gorge opens, they should travel to The Fjord and reach the west side of the area. On a hill, Death meets a creature named Blackroot.

By talking to Blackroot, Death receives a device called the Lure Stone and he will be asked by Blackroot to deliver him any combination of 3 stones for a reward.

These stones are also known as Darksiders 2 Stonebites or Darksiders 2 Blackroot Stones. Additionally, players will start the Darksiders 2 Sticks and Stones quest.

When Death finds a Stonebite, assuming that he acquired the Lure Stone, he will be able to shoot it down using Strife’s pistol.

Stonebites are also divided in three categories.

The first category includes the Darksiders 2 Stones of Mystics, or Mystics Stonebites, which are the blue shards players can observe while exploring the realms.

The second category contains the Darksiders 2 Stones of Power or Power Stonebites which are similar to the first category, but the shards are red. The third category of Stonebites in Darksiders 2, includes the Stones of Resistance.

Unlike the previous two categories, a Darksiders II Stone of Resistance is a yellow shard.

Players must find 34 Darksiders 2 Stones of Mystics and 25 Darksiders 2 Stones of Power; however, it is important to know that all Stonebites are located above the ground and they can’t be collected without Strife’s gun and the Lure Stone.

Lost Relics of Ostegoth’s Race

The third type of Darksiders 2 collectibles are the Lost Relics of Ostegoth’s Race. These collectibles become available after Death leaves the Forge Lands, using the Tree of Life, in order to reach the Kingdom of the Dead. Here, Death meets a strange character named Ostegoth who is in fact a trader looking for some lost relics (Lost Relics quest).

While playing the game, players must find the Darksiders 2 Relics and return them to Ostegoth for rewards. These rewards can be different amounts of Gilt or even skill points, depending on the relics found.

Another important fact that must be mentioned, is that during the game, players will find multiple collectables positioned in areas that can’t be reached without the Deathgrip.

This important artifact can be found after Death completes The Foundry dungeon, and it allows players to jump further and to get to areas that can’t be accessed by performing conventional jumps.

The Lost Relics in Darksiders II can also be divided in three categories, depending on how rare they are. The common relics are known as the Relics of Etu-Goth, while the rare relics are known as the Relics of Khagoth.

The middle category includes the Darksiders II Relics of Renagoth. The game includes 15 Relics of Etu-Goth, 10 Relics of Renagoth and 5 Relics of Khagoth.

GnoMAD’s Gnomes

The final category of Darksiders II collectibles contains GnoMAD’s Gnomes. The gnomes are very hard to find and there are only four of them hidden in the game.

Players who manage to collect all Darksiders II GnoMAD’s Gnomes will be able to unlock a series of very powerful weapons as well as the Gnomad achievement/trophy.

The Darksiders II hidden gnomes can be found in the following areas: The Weeping Crag, City of the Dead, Ivory Citadel and The Black Stone.

Since the items mentioned above, won’t become available until later in the game, players will have to travel back to specific realms and dungeons to get all Darksiders II collectables.

Our collectibles guide starts with the area known as Stonefather’s Vale.

Darksiders II Collectibles Guide
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