Crysis 3 CELL Intel Locations Guide

Crysis 3 CELL Intel Locations Guide

Crysis 3 features many hidden CELL Intel collectibles that can be found by players throughout the seven missions included in the video game.

Released in February 2013, Crysis 3 was developed by Crytek and it is published by Electronic Arts for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows.

The following Crysis 3 guide was created for players who wish to find and collect every Crysis 3 CELL Intel featured in the videogame. Crysis 3 is the third instalment of the Crysis series, and it is set in 2047, where players take on the role of Prophet.

The story unfolds in New York, but 24 years passed since the events of Crysis 2, and the place isn’t what it used to be.

Now, the city is encased in a giant Dome, and it is controlled by the private military company known as CELL.

Prophet, with the help of his former team member, Psycho, must uncover the real purpose of the Dome created by CELL, but judging by the overgrown vegetation, it is obvious that the Ceph inside the city represent a tremendous source of energy.

CELL Intel Collectibles Description

The Crysis 3 collectibles are named generically CELL Intel, but in fact, they are divided in three different types: Datapads, Blackboxes, and Propaganda Posters.

The Crysis 3 CELL Intel collectables unlock recordings and messages that offer players a large amount of information about the game’s story, information that can prove useful for fans of the franchise.

When a checkpoint is reached, the acquired Crysis 3 CELL Intel will count as collected, even if the player leaves the mission or replays it.

The CELL Intel items can be marked on the HUD using the Nanosuit’s Visor, so players are advised to use it as much as possible in every area of the mission.

Datapads are basically “tablets” that have the world map displayed on the screen, and they represent the predominant collectible items in Crysis 3.

Blackboxes can be collected from devices found on some dead CELL soldiers.

Propaganda Posters represent the scarcest CELL Intel collectibles, meaning that they can be easily overlooked.

There is a total of 67 Crysis 3 CELL Intel collectables, divided as follows:

-41 Datapads

-6 Propaganda Posters

-20 Blackboxes

Players who manage to collect all of them, will unlock the achievement/trophy named Breaking the Lore.

Their locations are revealed through a series of hints of tips that can be used in correlation with the screenshots provided. The guide is divided in seven parts, one for each mission featured in Crysis 3, and starts with the mission named Post-Human.

Crysis 3 CELL Intel Locations Guide
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