Citadels Cheats and Trainers

Citadels Cheats and Trainers

Citadels cheats give you unlimited resources and allow you to increase the number of citizens within your castles, while playing the strategy video game developed by Games Distillery s.r.o.

To access all eleven Citadels cheat codes revealed by the following video game guide, you will need a free trainer that can be found on

The Citadels trainer must run during the game, and its options are focused on allowing players to increase the quantity of resources every time they need them.

The free Citadels PC trainer includes 11 features, or cheats that can be triggered during the game; such as a cheat for unlimited gold, one for unlimited stone, and one for infinite wood.

Citadels is a RTS video game published by bitComposer Games and available for download on Steam. The video game sends players to the Arthurian period where they have to develop and protect their citadels, threatened by hordes of enemies.

Players are allowed to build a strong infrastructure required to sustain their castles, and to provide resources required for future developments.

From palisades to ditches and towers protecting the archers trained, Citadels gives you full control over your establishments, where the final goal can be reached only by combining your military skills and your capacity to manage the resources provided by your stronghold.

Citadels includes a series of 26 Steam achievements, as well as a number of unlockable characters that can be accessed once specific goals have been completed.

Citadels is a single-player video game and was released in Europe on July 26, 2013.

Citadels PC Trainer

The Citadels cheat codes listed below can be activated only by the free trainer provided by The Citadels trainer may not work on all versions of the game and may be blocked by a number of antivirus programs; therefore, you will have to disable them.

If you wish to cheat in Citadels and get unlimited resources, that will eventually help you beat the game, you will have to follow several steps to get the trainer and install it:

Download the free Citadels trainer from

Extract all files included in Citadels_trainer_+11_MrAntiFun.rar, then copy or move them to the default directory of the game.

Next, start the trainer and the game.

While the trainer runs in background press the following keys to activate the corresponding Citadels cheats.

Citadels PC Cheats

F1 – Add 1000 gold to your current amount.

F2 – Add 1000 wheat to your current amount.

F3 – Add 1000 wood to your current amount.

F4 – Add 1000 stone to your current amount.

F5 – Add 1000 iron ore to your current amount.

F6 – Add 1000 stone blocks to your current amount.

F7 – Add 1000 weapons  to your current amount.

F8 – Add 1000 planks to your current amount.

F9 – Add 1000 bread to your current amount.

F10 – Increase the number of citizens to maximum.

F11 – Instant build.

Citadels Cheats and Trainers
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