Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 9: The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard is the 9th chapter in Captain America: Super Soldier, and the following game guide refers strictly to this chapter, offering information, tips and trick on how to complete it faster.

Additionally, the guide includes a YouTube video walkthrough for The Longest Yard.

Captain America managed to save Dugan in the previous chapter, but now he must find Falsworth who was kidnapped by Madame Hydra.

The action in this chapter takes place on the surface and it starts with a cutscene showing Madame Hydra dragging Falsworth inside an estate.

A chopper also makes its appearance, but Dugan takes care of it.

When the cutscene ends, Captain America is attacked by several soldiers and the mission’s objective is displayed.

Objective: Rescue Falsworth

The yard is similar to a maze and it’s divided in three parts.

After you kill all soldiers, open your map and pick up all collectables, Ceramic Eggs and Dossiers you find; including the Golden Falcon Statue, the Falcon Cowl and Gloves, the Ballistic Schematic and the Virginal Statue.

Enter the estate only after you have acquired all these items, and after you have destroyed all statues and explosive barrels.

There are no special enemies in the yard, except for several heavy armored soldiers.

When the yard is cleared, use the main door to enter the estate.

When you get inside, you will unlock a new trophy/achievement called Touchdown and the chapter is complete.

The next chapter in the game is called Keep Your Powder Dry.

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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