Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel Locations Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel Locations Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel collectibles can be found in the multiplatform first-person shooter published by Activision in 2012, and the following guide reveals the location of each of these hidden collectables.

Black Ops II represents the ninth installment in the Call of Duty franchise and it is a direct sequel to the first Call of Duty Black Ops video game released in 2010, and it is available on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U.

The storyline of Black Ops 2 is divided in two parts, one being set in 1980s and the other one in 2025, which is present day in the game.

A returning character from the first Black Ops, Frank Woods, is the one who narrates the story in 2025. In the 1980s section of the game, players take control of Alex Mason, the lead character in the original Call of Duty Black Ops. The protagonist of the 2025 section is Alex Mason’s son David. Both of these sections show a different kind of war, but the antagonist is the same in each of them, a narco terrorist known as Raul Menendez, who is also the leader of “Cordis Die”.

CoD BO2 is the first in the series that features a branching storyline in the form of Strike Force missions. These levels are part of 2025 and their outcome can influence the main campaign, because players can die permanently, without the ability to load a previously saved game (although players may use the Rewind Story feature).

With the exception of the Strike Force levels, every other campaign mission in the game includes a series of Intel items. There are three pieces of BO2 Intel in each level, and when players collect all three of them, a message pops up to let them know the Career Record is updated.

The missions in Black Ops 2 feature many challenges. If players manage to accomplish a certain number of these challenges, they unlock new equipment and perks. Collecting the Black Ops II Intel is part of the challenges in every level. Therefore, is a good idea to get all pieces of CoD BO2 Intel in order to unlock the new gear faster, without worrying about not completing the required amount of challenges.

In the past, players should look for old yellow recorders, while in the future the Intel takes the form of a Tablet/PDA with a yellow screen. To acquire a Black Ops 2 Intel collectible, players must hold the Use/Action button, and once it has been collected, the game will automatically save the progress, even if players revisit the mission to collect BO2 Intel they may have missed.

However, for some reason, the challenges update only if players complete the entire mission. When players acquire all collectables, the High IQ achievement/trophy is awarded to them.

Using a guide is recommended in order to let players focus on the game’s story, and our complete Call of Duty Black Ops 2 guide features hints and screenshots that help players find the exact location of every intel in the game. The guide starts with the mission named Pyrrhic Victory.

Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel Locations Guide
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