Black Ops II Odysseus Intel #3 Location

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Odysseus

Call of Duty Black Ops II Odysseus is the ninth mission in the video game, and it is available after completing Achilles’ Veil.

After capturing Raul Menendez in Yemen, David Mason and his team rally on board of USS Barack Obama aircraft carrier.

Odysseus is another mission set in 2025, and the objective is to interrogate Menendez. However, the interrogation is short, and the mission truly begins after that, when the aircraft carrier is attacked.

If we want to acquire all Intel collectibles in Odysseus, we have to use the following Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel guide, by picking up the collectables in the same order as below, taking advantage of the screenshots provided at the end of it.

Mission Details

“Menendez, successfully captured during the Yemen assault, is brought on board the USS Barack Obama for immediate interrogation.”

Recommended Loadout

Primary Weapon: M8A1

Primary Attachments: Hybrid Optic

Secondary Weapon: M1216

Secondary Attachments: Millimeter Scanner

Grenades & Equipment: XM31 Grenade; Shock Charge

Perks: Access Kit

Intel Location #1

When the attack begins we have to pick up our weapons.

Then, after clearing the first batch of enemies in the lockers’ room, we give Salazar the order to go below the deck. On the other hand, we go upstairs to gain access to the main deck.

We get rid of the opponents, and then Admiral Briggs orders us to disable the automated defense systems. Therefore, we clear the war room, and we get in the control room where we have to use the computer.

If we take the right exit, we come across the first Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel in Odysseus, on a computer desk in front of us. Otherwise, if we take the left exit, while standing in front of the computer, we turn right to see the Intel on the computer desk just ahead.

Black Ops II Odysseus Intel #1 Location
Intel #1

Intel Location #2

There is a small section where we play as Raul Menendez. When we regain control over Mason, we have to reach the server room.

We use the computer and then we need to exit the server room, while following Harper (assuming he survived in Achilles’ Veil).

Next, we have to traverse the room filled with computers, and at the end of it, we have to go downstairs (where the red light is). Before using the stairs to get in the hangar, if we look near them, on the right side, we can see there is another set of stairs. We use them to reach a desk that has the second BO2 Intel.

Black Ops II Odysseus Intel #2 Location
Intel #2

Intel Location #3

Shortly after acquiring the previous Intel, we reach the flight deck. Our objective now is to get to the VTOL for EVAC. While heading to the waypoint, it is important to walk on the right side of the flight deck as much as possible.

On the lane near the water we can see several fighter jets.

The next lane (closer to our VTOL) has two VTOLs with accessible interiors. On the left side entrance to one of them is the final Black Ops 2 Intel (while standing near its side entrance, there are approximately 65m towards our objective).

We get to the extraction VTOL to complete the mission, and we unlock the next one in line, Cordis Die.

Black Ops II Odysseus Intel #3 Location
Intel #3
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