Black Ops II Achilles' Veil Intel #1 Location

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Achilles’ Veil

The eighth mission in Call of Duty Black Ops II is named Achilles’ Veil, and it begins after Suffer With Me.

The cinematic movie reveals Raul Menendez’s plans, and then we begin the mission, this time controlling another character known as Farid. The primary objective is to capture Menendez in Yemen.

As usual, if we want to find out the location of each CoD BO2 Intel collectable, we have to use the detailed Black Ops II guide below.

Mission Details

“Deep cover CIA operative Farid has penetrated Menendez’ inner circle and is poised to capture him during a JSOC assault on Menendez’ HQ in Yemen.”

Recommended Loadout

Primary Weapon: Skorpion EVO

Primary Attachments: Laser Sight

Secondary Weapon: B23R

Secondary Attachments: none

Grenades & Equipment: XM31 Grenade; EMP Grenade

Perks: Access Kit

Intel Location #1

In the beginning of the mission, we have to follow Menendez to a large courtyard where he addresses his people. Shortly after that, the American forces attack.

Now our objective is to head south through the market. Instead of getting out of the courtyard through the central gate, we use the exit point on the right side.

Just before exiting, while staying under the archway, we can see some stairs on our left side. We go upstairs to find the first Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel in Achilles’ Veil on the floor (if we use the next set of stairs we can acquire an optical camo suit).

Black Ops II Achilles' Veil Intel #1 Location
Intel #1

Intel Location #2

After the scene where we have to make a choice, we gain control of David Mason, aka Section. We follow the quadrotors until we reach a heavily fortified street. At the end of this street is a machine gun that is blocking our path.

Therefore, we have to advance through the buildings on the street’s sides.

We take the left path, and immediately after entering the building, we have to check behind the pile of ammo crates, because there is the second CoD BO2 Intel in the mission, probably one of the easiest to miss Intel collectible in the video game.

Black Ops II Achilles' Veil Intel #2 Location
Intel #2

Intel Location #3

After we pass the machine gun that’s blocking the street, we arrive in an area with cliffs and dusty roads (it’s the area before crossing the bridge to the Citadel).

Regardless of the path we take, we reach an enemy outpost in the middle of this area. We head inside and we go upstairs.

Then we use the ladder on the balcony to access the roof (alternatively, we could use the stairs on the side of the building to reach the ladder faster).

Here we can acquire the third Achilles’ Veil Intel from a crate behind the gas tank. The mission ends with the capturing of Raul Menendez in his VTOL, and then we proceed with the next story mission named Odysseus.

Black Ops II Achilles' Veil Intel #3 Location
Intel #3
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