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Brink Weapons Guide: Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs)

Our Brink sub-machine guns strategy guide provides additional information about some SMGs that can be used by players in the first-person shooter developed by Splash Damage.

The video game features various weapons, but based on their attributes these weapons can be categorized in: sub-machine guns, assault riflesshotguns and grenade launchers.

A sub-machine gun or a SMG is a light weapon, with low damage and short range.

The power of a sub-machine gun is given by its high rate of fire as well as its high portability. Usually, a SMG can also be equipped as a secondary weapon because of its low weight.

The list with the sub-machine guns available in Brink, also includes: the Galactic SMG, the Tampa SMG, theBulpdaun SMG, the CARB-9 SMG and the Kross SMG.

Each sub-machine gun has “strong” and “weak” points, which are presented below with the purpose of helping players to decide what sub-machine gun they should equip while playing Brink.

Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs)

Galactic SMG

The Galactic SMG from Brink, is similar to the Heckler and Koch UMP-45, and features a standard magazine capable to hold 45 rounds. It has an average reload time and high fire rate, but the damage is low.

The weapon’s recoil is medium as well as its accuracy.

The Galactic SMG excels at attacking a close ranged opponent, and can be quickly equipped in difficult situations.

Tampa SMG

Unlike the Galactic SMG, the Tampa sub-machine gun from Brink has an increased range and recoil. The weapon’s reload time is medium, but the accuracy is high.

The Tampa SMG has low damage, just like the Galacticsub-machine gun; however the player is able to quickly draw it when he needs to dispatch a nearby opponent.

Bulpdaun SMG

Players will notice that in Brink, the Bulpdaun has very low damage, but this sub-machine gun features a very high rate of fire.

It is also very stable and can be equipped quickly by most characters, which means that there are no restrictions for this weapon.


Another Brink sub-machine gun that is not restricted by the body class of a character is the CARB-9 SMG. The magazine of a CARB-9 can hold 30 rounds and 200 in reserve.

This SMG has a high fire rate, low damage and low to medium range. The reload speed is also medium but the CARB-9 has increased accuracy.

Kross SMG

The fifth SMG available in Brink is the Kross sub-machine gun. The “weak” point of this weapon is that it inflicts minimal damage.

Players will need almost one magazine to seriously injure a light body type opponent. On the other hand, the weapon’s fire rate is extremely high, while the recoil is very low.

This weapon is useful in close ranged fights, since it can also be used by all classes and body types.

Brink Video Game
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