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Brink Weapons Guide: Shotguns

Alongside the sub-machine guns and the assault rifles available in Brink, medium and heavy characters can also be equipped with shotguns.

The difference between a shotgun and other weapons available in Brink, and in other FPSs, is that a shotgun can inflict extremely high damage, but in close-range combats. A shotgun can carry only few rounds, featuring projectiles that will spread when the weapon is fired.

If a shotgun is used in medium or long ranged combats, its effectiveness decreases because many projectiles won’t hit the target.

In Brink, shotguns can’t be equipped by light body types; therefore if gamers prefer to use shotguns while playing first person shooters, they should be careful when they create their characters.

Additionally, players should know that some of the shotguns available in Brink can be used only as primary weapons by medium body types, while heavy body types can also use them as secondary weapons.

The guide below presents several shotguns that can be accesses in Brink, offering additional information about their attributes and other stats. Eventually, this guide will help players decide what shotguns they should purchase in Brink.

Shotguns List

Hjammerdeim Shotgun

The Hjammerdeim shotgun (pronounced “hammer time”) is a heavy weapon equipped with a standard magazine capable to hold four rounds. The Hjammerdeim is also a semi-automatic shotgun but it has low accuracy, mobility and fire rate.

The “strong point” of this weapon is its damage.

Players will notice that they need only several seconds to reload the Hjammerdeim before firing again. These features make the Hjammerdeim shotgun a redoubtable weapon in Brink.

Mossington Shotgun

The second shotgun is the Mossington, which is different than the Hjammerdeim.

The Mossington’s standard magazine can hold six rounds, but it can be upgraded during the weapon’s customization process.

Unlike the Hjammerdeim, the Mossington has a long reloading time, and it can also be used by medium body types.

The Mossington shotgun has low accuracy and fire rate, but the damage is very high.

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