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Brink Weapons Guide: Grenade Launchers

In Brink, a grenade launcher is defined as a heavy weapon capable to launch grenades that explode on impact.

Similar to the shotguns, the grenade launchers can be accessed only by medium or heavy body types, therefore players who desire to handle this type of weapons, should be careful when they create their in-game characters.

The grenade launchers available in Brink can also be used as attachments, and they can be applied to assault rifles during the weapon customization process.

Below is a Brink guide which presents some of the grenade launchers available in this FPS.

The guide also offers additional information about their attributes, helping players to decide what grenade launchers they should use in the game.

Grenade Launchers List


The EZ-Nade AGL grenade launcher available in Brink, is an automatic heavy weapon, restricted to heavy body types.

It can’t be used by medium or light characters and it features a six rounds standard magazine.

According to the game’s wiki site, EZ-Nade AGL is in fact an acronym: EZ=easy, Nade=grenade, AGL = automatic grenade launcher.

Lobster GL

The Lobster GL grenade launcher is different than the EZ-Nade AGL, meaning that it can also be equipped by medium body types.

Additionally, unlike the EZ-Nade AGL, the Lobster GL fires rockets, not grenades.

The weapon’s name reflects the ability of this weapon to “lob” its ammunition (the word lob can be observed in Lobster).

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