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Brink Weapons Guide: Assault Rifles

In Brink, the first-person shooter video game developed by Splash Damage, heavy and medium characters have access to assault rifles.

This category of weapons is different than others, meaning that an assault rifle is a medium weapon, with medium damage and fire rate.

While a SMG (sub-machine gun) can be equipped by all characters, an assault rifle has restrictions.

It is important to know that in Brink, the player will have to choose a body type when he customizes his character. Based on his selections, he will gain or lose access to some weapons.

Some assault rifles from Brink can be fully automatic and others can be semi-automatic.

The guide below reveals some assault rifles that can be equipped in Brink, as well as their attributes and other useful information, that will eventually help players to decide what assault rifle they should use, based on their playing style.

Assault Rifles List


The Gerund is an assault rifle, revealed by developers before the game’s official release date. It is one of the weapons that can be equipped only by medium and heavy body types.

Additionally, the Gerund features a magazine capable to carry up to 30 rounds and 60 rounds in reserve. Players are able to equip theGerund with various attachments, during the weapon customization process.


Another assault rifle available in Brink is the Rokstedi. While heavy body characters can equip the Rokstedi as a primary or secondary weapon, medium body characters can only use it as a primary weapon.

Unlike other assault rifles, the Rokstedi has increased damage per shot and good accuracy, but the weapon’s fire rate is medium to low, and the recoil medium to high.


Rhett is a medium assault rifle featuring a standard magazine which can hold 25 rounds. It has medium range, damage and rate of fire. Rhett can also hold 25 rounds in reserve and has high stability and medium to high reload speed.

The Rhett assault rifle can be customized with various attachments in the weapon customization menu.


The FRKN-3K available in Brink is an assault rifle which fires in three-shot bursts. It has medium reload time and features a standard magazine that can carry 24 rounds and 144 in reserve.

The FRKN-3K assault rifle can be used by medium and heavy body types.


The fifth assault rifle in Brink is the Euston’. This weapon is equipped with a standard magazine capable to carry 28 rounds, but players can double its capacity using a special attachment.

Additionally, the Euston’s normal magazine can hold 56 rounds in reserve. While the damage of the Euston is low, its rate of fire is high as well as its accuracy.

The Euston’s range is medium to low, but the weapon’s equip speed is high, which makes it perfect when players run out of ammunition on other weapons.

Brink Video Game
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