Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Witch Hunt Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Witch Hunt is the final main-quest of the second act, and probably the most difficult quest in the video game.

Witch Hunt begins after you complete The Lion’s Den and after you set up a strategy with your companions, in order to defeat Blackfrost’s Concubines; however, while playing this quest you will have to fight more than one boss, and even Blackfrost.

Since at the end of the quest you will start the final sequence, or the final act, the following walkthrough was created to help you complete all unfinished quests, and to offer support while fighting the concubines in Witch Hunt.

When the second chapter of the third act begins, you will be informed that you have to defeat three Concubines: The Stalker, The Watcher and The Creator.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – Witch Hunt Quest

When you are ready to begin, open your map and notice that you have to return to Blackfrost’s Domain. After you enter the area, open your map again and observe that the locations of the Concubines coincide with the locations of two side-quests: The Blades Enslaved and The Soul Of A Prince.

Tip: At this point, the best strategy is to address The Soul Of A Prince quest, because you will fight two Concubines at the same time. The Blades Enslaved is a difficult quest during which you will be attacked by a large number of possessed Freeborn Blades that you are not allowed to kill. If you play The Blades Enslaved before The Soul Of A Prince, the two Concubines will join the Freeborn Blades making the battle almost impossible to win.

In other words, after you leave the camp, kill the two Concubines in the area where you can continue The Soul Of A Prince quest and then travel to the area where you can finish The Blades Enslaved quest.

Assuming that you followed our walkthroughs and successfully completed both side-quests, then the concubines have been defeated and you will be asked to go in front of Lord Blackfrost’s Palace. As you approach the marker on your map you will enter a new arena where you have to defeat Blackfrost’s Guardian.

In fact, the guardian is another Concubine, and you can use the same tactics as you did when you have played the side-quests mentioned above.

Tip: With Mathras as your companion you can kill the Guardian faster because the Undead will keep her under his control, interrupting most of her spells. All the ice spells she casts can be avoided by remaining mobile; and the ice barrier can be avoided by jumping away in Ranger Stance. If you have enough arrows you can finish the battle within minutes.

Now, that you have defeated the Guardian, you will be asked to besiege Blackfrost’s Palace. As you will notice Blackfrost is not as powerful as it seems to be; however, after the cutscene he will spawn two mirror images, and you have to focus on them immediately.

Observe that they can control your companions, meaning that all of your hero’s friends will fight against you.

Tip: Ignore Blackfrost and charge the image that takes control over your companions, and then the other one. The strategy here is to free your companions from the spells as fast as you can, so they can aid you in fighting Blackfrost.

Once both images are defeated, you can use various tactics to defeat Blackfrost. You can attack from distance, place traps around your hero, or shoot arrows and continue to move around the boss.

After you kill him, you will complete the second act, and you will be asked to enter a rift.

Tip: Before entering a rift, you should be aware that this is the final area in the video game, and there is no turning back. Once inside, you must fight the Demon, and if you defeat it you will start the final cutscene.

Because the last boss is also the most difficult, you should go back to the Makeshift Camp and sell all your materials and components.

With the gold you receive, fill your inventory with arrows, traps and potions. Buy as many as you can carry. Next, return to the rift and enter the Worldheart to start Battle Of Egos.

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