Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Souls Of The Elves Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Souls Of The Elves is one of the side-quests you have to complete for Rhelmar, during the second act of the video game.

The Souls Of The Elves is an accessible quest, for which you have to find 20 Elf Souls scattered within Caraldthas and its surrounding areas.

Even if you activate The Souls Of The Elves quest early in the second act, you will be able to finish it later, because to get all Elf Souls, you have to access all sub-areas.

Throughout the following walkthrough we explain how to complete The Souls Of The Elves side-quest in Bound By Flame, and where you should look for the items required by Rhelmar.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Souls Of The Elves Quest

To begin The Souls Of The Elves you have to approach Rhelmar the moment you enter the Steppes Of Caraldthas.

The elf will ask you to find 20 Elf Souls by looting the corpses of the fallen Elves.

Tip: The side-quest can be activated along with The Icy Library, before you start playing The Dead City main-quest.

After you begin The Souls Of The Elves you can focus on playing other side-quests because they will eventually lead to the locations of all Elf Souls.

Tip: For this quest the Finder Feat is very important since it allows you to find treasures faster. When you are close to a treasure, you will hear a specific sound similar to a bell. The same sound is generated by the corpse of a dead Elf carrying an Elf Soul.

Even if Rhelmar requires only 20 Elf Souls, you should know that you can actually find more than 20. The corpses outside the base, in the Frozen Waterway are very easy to find because of the snowy environment.

The dead Elves wear brown clothes; thus they are quite easy to identify. Inside Caraldthas, more Elf Souls can be found by exploring every area.

Tip: When you enter the city, don’t forget that some buildings can be accessed by opening doors, and some of them have two floors.

You will find Elf Souls while playing The Dead City main-quest, very close to the watchtowers you have to secure.

You can also find Elf Souls while playing The Blockade side-quest, and during the second chapter of the game, named Reconquest.

Once you have 20 Elf Souls, all you have to do is to return to Rhelmar and claim your rewards.

Tip: Make sure you finish the side-quest before starting the third chapter, named The Assault.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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