Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Lost Assistant Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Lost Assistant is the second side-quest you have to complete for Mirana, if you wish to finish Humanitarian Services.

The Lost Assistant becomes available in the video-game, when you talk to Mirana the first time, following the instructions you received from the Steward of Valvenor (Problems Of Stewardship side-quest).

The Dispensary Resources and The Lost Assistant are the two objectives required to complete Humanitarian Services.

This means that if you complete the first two side-quests you will also finish the third.

Assuming that The Dispensary Resources was already completed, it is now time to focus on finding Mirana’s lost assistant named Heymon.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Lost Assistant Quest

Before attempting The Lost Assistant side-quest in the videogame, you should know that Heymon is located in the Swamp area, where you will encounter multiple enemies; therefore, you should make all necessary preparations. Try to craft several explosive traps and restock on healing potions.

As your companion you should pick Sybil, because she can play the role of the healer, allowing you to survive in combat.

Tip: Make sure that if you pick Sybil you order her to heal both of you.

When you are ready, open your map and from the Center of Village, travel south-east to enter Refugee Camp. Now, travel east to enter Swamp: Southern Delta.

When you reach the new area, open your map again to locate Heymon, in the south-eastern corner. To reach Heymon, you will have to fight a large number of enemies. As you move south, first you will encounter Chrysalids and Whip Vines.

The Chrysalids can be quite dangerous especially because they attack in groups, trying to overwhelm you. The flying creatures can attack from distance shooting small spikes, or they can get close to you and attack using their claws. Later they will start poison the ground dealing AoE (Area of Effect) damage.

Tip: Early in the game, the most effective weapon against a Chrysalid is the fire trap.

To use it properly, try to let the Chrysalids group around your hero, then wait for the right moment to place a trap on the ground. This way you will damage more than one enemy.

The Chrysalids are also vulnerable to fire spells, which means that the Flaming Weapon is very important, allowing you to deal additional damage. When surrounded by Chrysalids, try to pay close attention to their attacks, looking for the right moment to strike.

You will have to focus on one target at a time, if you wish to succeed. If you run low on health, and upgraded your hero’s Vitality skill, be patient and wait for your health to regenerate, instead of drinking a potion, because you will be caught with your guard down.

After you defeat the first group of Chrysalids, you will also encounter a Whip Vine.

Tip: Without getting close to it, target the Whip Vine and cast Orb of Fire to defeat it.

Continue to scout all areas while moving south-east towards Heymon, because there are multiple components to be found as well as better weapons.

Another type of monster you will encounter while exploring the Swamp, is the Ripper. These creatures are similar to snakes and they can be found hiding in stumps or barrels.

Almost all the time, a Ripper protects a treasure. Since they don’t attack in groups, the Rippers are quite easy to defeat, as long as you strike immediately after their attacks.

Very close to Heymon’s location, you will have to fight Impalers. An Impaler is similar to a dog, and it has a powerful screeching attack that will knock down your hero. Guarding the screeching attack is the key in defeating an Impaler, especially if his attack is followed by yours.

Tip: The Impalers are also vulnerable to fire, which means that if you cast Flaming Weapon, you will be able to defeat it faster.

After you defeat the Impalers in the area around Heymon, all you have to do is to kill two more Chrysalids, which can be observed near him. First, you should take out the smaller one, then using the Warrior Stance attack the red Chrysalid. Once you clear the area, don’t forget to loot all corpses, and then talk to Heymon.

You will automatically return to Mirana and receive the corresponding rewards for finishing The Lost Assistant and Humanitarian Services.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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