Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Dead City Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Dead City, or Chapter 1 in Act 2: Battle In The Icy Grip, begins the moment you decide if you wish to follow the demon’s advice, or Prince Arandil to continue your adventure in the video game.

Following the events of the final main quest in the first act, named Funeral March, you will travel to a new area where the Freeborn Blades will set up their camp in order to make the necessary preparations before attempting to take back Caraldthas.

Caraldthas, the former capital city of the Elven Kingdom was conquered by the Deadwalkers a long time ago, and now lies in ruins.

Helped by the Red Scribes and the Freeborn Blades, Prince Arandil intends to take the city back, but first he needs to know what happened to his father.

The Dead City quest in the video-game features a series of objectives that will take you to most sub-areas around Caraldthas; therefore, it is a good idea to start several additional side-quests you can complete while working on the main-quest.

Follow the walkthrough below in order to make sure you don’t miss any of the side-quests available in the second act, as well as the combat tips and tricks that will help you defeat your enemies faster.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Dead City Quest

After you watch the introductory cutscene, Arandil will become your companion. He is an outstanding fighter, but you won’t be able to give him orders.

With Arandil by your side, open your map and notice that most NPCs traveled to the Steppes of Caraldthas. First, find Sybil and talk to her, in order to start The Icy Library side-quest.

Now, approach High Commander Vahlen to start The Blockade side-quest.

Finally, go to Rhelmar and talk to him to unlock The Souls Of The Elves side-quest. Make the necessary preparations and take the southern exit to enter the Frozen Waterway.

Tip: Before moving forward, you should know that all enemies you will encounter are Deadwalkers similar to those you have fought while playing At The Service Of The Red Scribes. Because of this you should use the combat tactics we have outlined in our walkthrough for At The Service Of The Red Scribes quest; however, you will also encounter several variations.

The archers in the second chapter use ice arrows that can slow you down. Your hero’s resistance to ice is very important, and the archers should be your first targets when engaging a group of enemies.

The Spewers, or the large vomiting Deadwalkers deal poison damage, and even if they are slow, after you lower their health they will cast a cloud of poison around them and start chasing you.

You should deal with them as soon as you kill all archers. Place traps in their path and make sure that the final blow comes from distance. An arrow should keep you safe from the exploding Spewer. Some of the normal Hobblers now wield purple swords that inflict dark magic damage.

Aside from the physical damage, these swords also curse your hero, draining his mana. Deal with these Hobblers after you kill the archers and the Spewers.

Finally, some of the Deadwalkers carry not one, but two shields. Break their defenses by kicking them with your foot and then attack.

Tip: These are all the creatures you will encounter in the areas around Caraldthas, except for some special enemies or bosses. As long as you respect the order and the tactics mentioned above you should be fine.

Tip: Your hero’s resistance to poison, ice and dark magic is very important so upgrade your equipment to increase them. Now back to the main quest and the first two objectives.

Open your map and you will notice that you have two new markers on it. They show the locations of the two watchtowers you have to free. First, head north and kill the Deadwalkers near the tower, then head south.

Tip: After you kill all enemies, near a tower pay close attention to the environment and notice the glowing corpses. Loot them because they carry the Elf Souls needed by Rhelmar for The Souls Of The Elves side-quest.

The moment you clear the second tower, you will have to find a way to enter the city. Head to the north-western entrance (Caraldthas Gates). As you approach the gates, you will meet a new character named Mathras.

Tell him to wait for you in the camp and continue to push north towards Lower Caraldthas: Merchant’s Quarter.

Tip: When you get inside the city, check every street and house. You can open doors and some houses have two levels. Take your time and check all alleys because you will find more Elf Souls as well as chests containing better weapons.

Continue to scout the city moving from west to east and in the central area you will unlock a new side-quest: The Prisoners.

The quest should be completed immediately. Assuming that you have collected all important items, travel east, and enter the Commoner’s Quarter. Once inside, you will find the Icy Library, but since Sybil is not in your party, you will have to return here, later.

Head towards the marker on your map and you will have to fight a new type of creature, known as the Ice Spirit. While the Ice Spirit, can’t be considered a boss, you will notice that it is quite powerful, but its attacks are similar to those of an Impaler.

The best strategy to defeat an Ice Spirit is to switch to the Ranger Stance and stay as close as you can. When you see it jumping in the air, press B to jump away and wait for it to cast the ice blades. Now, strike swiftly and keep your eyes on the enemy because at some point (especially if you are away from the target) it will gather its powers and cast a powerful spell similar to a barrier.

Tip: Notice the snowflakes on the ground because they indicate the direction of the said barrier. Since the direction can’t be changed, immediately move behind the Spirit and attack.

In other words, all you have to do to defeat the Ice Spirit, is to move behind it when it gets ready to cast a spell, and jump away (in Ranger Stance) when you see it jumping.

Every time you avoid an attack, make sure you strike your target. After you defeat the Ice Spirit, take Arandil to his father King Arandil IV, and watch the next cutscene.

The final objective in the quest is to return to the camp and talk to Arandil.

Tip: Don’t forget to explore the chamber where you have found King Arandil IV and take the southern exit to open a door that will allow you to enter the Icy Library faster.

Now, travel to the camp and on your way you will be stopped by the sentinel of the northern watchtower who will tell you that the other watchtower was attacked.

At this point you will start Help The Elf Sentinels side-quest. Once you reach the camp, talk to Arandil and you will complete The Dead City, unlocking several new quests: The Prisoners Of Caraldthas, The Legendary Forge Of Caraldthas, and Fragile Alliance.

Chapter 2: Reconquest also starts now.

Tip: Visit High Commander Vahlen to begin A Traitor In The Camp, and the Captain to start and complete The Interrogation Of a Deadwalker.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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