Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Blades Enslaved Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Blades Enslaved is another side-quest you can start while playing The Lion’s Den but it should be completed during Chapter 2: Witch Hunt, available in the fourth act of the video game.

The Blades Enslaved also requires Save The Elf Soldiers side-quest because you must save Buffalo who was imprisoned along with other Elf Soldiers in Blackfrost’s Domain.

Once you finish Save The Elf Soldiers, Buffalo will inform you that more Freeborn Blades have been captured by Blackfrost’s Concubines.

The Blades Enslaved is a side-quest similar to The Soul Of A Prince, because in order to complete both of them you have to defeat Blackfrost’s Concubines, who are also your targets in The Witch Hunt.

On the other hand, The Blades Enslaved can become one of the most difficult side-quests in the game, because it can be failed if you kill the Freeborn Blades.

The walkthrough below offers useful information that will help you finish The Blades Enslaved side-quest without failing it, as well as the tactics you should use to free the prisoners and defeat the Concubine.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Blades Enslaved Quest

From the beginning you should know that the number of Concubines you will fight in The Blades Enslaved, depends on when you complete The Soul Of A Prince side quest.

In other words, if you finish The Soul Of A Prince side-quest before The Blades Enslaved, for the latter side quest you will have to defeat one Concubine; but if your postpone The Soul Of A Prince and try to finish The Blades Enslaved, you must fight two concubines, making the side-quest more difficult.

When you attempt The Blades Enslaved quest you are asked to defeat the Watcher and avoid killing the Freeborn Blades under her control; however, keep in mind that the Freeborn Blades will attack you.

Assuming you try to finish The Blades Enslaved before The Soul Of A Prince, the Watcher will be accompanied by another Concubine and the associated Freeborn Blades.

Since one Concubine and the Freeborn Blades are more than enough for a battle, make sure you finish The Soul Of A Prince first, so you can fight only one Concubine in The Blades Enslaved.

After you find the Freeborn Blades in East Wing, watch the cutscene and immediately when the fight starts, target the Concubine.

Tip: Ignore the soldiers under her control and don’t use any traps, because you will hurt the soldiers, and if they die, you will fail the quest.

Instead, use arrows and stay mobile all the time, while targeting the Watcher. If you get close to the Concubine, you might be able to deal increased damage by parrying all attacks.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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