Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Assault Walkthrough

Bound By Flame The Assault is the final main quest and chapter of the second act in the video game, and one of the quests during which you will have to make another decision and fight a more powerful enemy.

The Assault starts immediately after you report to Arandil, at the end of the second chapter, named Reconquest.

Since it is the final chapter of the act, make sure that before you leave the camp in Steppes of Caraldthas, you finish all side-quests available because you won’t be able to return later.

Below is walkthrough created exclusively for The Assault main quest in Bound By Flame and it offers useful information on how to complete the quest and the tactics you can use to defeat the final boss.

Furthermore, the guide explains how your decisions might affect your hero and his companions.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – The Assault Quest

Assuming that you have finished all side-quests available at this point, when you are ready to begin The Assault, you have to talk to Arandil and tell him that you are prepared; however, before approaching him, try to craft, or buy, as many arrows as you can, as well as mana potions.

Now talk to the Elf Prince and watch the next cutscene, during which you will find out that you get the chance to play alongside two companions.

Tip: By default these companions are Edwen and Rhelmar, depending on the decisions you have made up to this point.

The moment the cutscene ends, you will have to exit the camp and move north towards Upper Caraldthas. Next, move west crossing the same area you did while playing Reconquest.

Since the enemies you will encounter are the same, you can use the tactics outlined in our Reconquest walkthrough. Get through the crack in the wall, in the westernmost point marked on your map, and continue to push north-west and then south to reach Caraldthas Gate.

Move north and then west in the next area, and eventually you will encounter a large number of enemies and an Ice Spirit.

Tip: Even if it isn’t the first Ice Spirit you fight against, remember to switch to the Ranger stance, cast Burning Weapon, and then stay close to your target. When the Ice Spirit smashes the ground, dodge by pressing B (on Xbox), then strike. On the other hand, when the Ice Spirit gets ready to cast the Ice Barrier, watch for snowflakes on the ground because they indicate the barrier’s direction, then move left or right and strike from behind.

Clear the area, loot everything, then push west over a small wall, and south to trigger a cutscene introducing one of Blackfrost’s Concubines. After the cutscene, you will have to decide the strategy you wish to follow. Rhelmar and Edwen will argue, both of them asking for your help.

Unfortunately, at this point you have to decide who you wish to help. If you follow Rhelmar, you must help the Elves and defeat the Concubine, while Edwen will ask you to focus on Blackfrost.

Tip: Be advised that if you help Rhelmar, Edwen becomes your enemy and she will leave the party. In Act 3, you will also have to kill her, but your hero’s possession level will remain 0.

Assuming that you want to help the Elves, after Edwen vanishes, the battle against the Concubine begins.

Tip: When the battle starts, ask Rhelmar to attack from distance, because you have to keep him alive as much as possible.

Even if the boss battle seems difficult, the first Concubine is probably the most vulnerable boss, as long as you focus on ranged attacks.

The Concubine has powerful melee attacks, and some of them can’t be blocked. When you see her getting ready to kick you with her feet, you have to step away from her or she will knock you down. Fortunately, she fights alone; therefore, you can focus all your attacks on her. Start by placing several traps around your hero.

Now remain mobile to avoid all spells she casts towards you, and shoot all your arrows. Next, focus on casting Orb Of Fire, while remaining mobile.

Tip: If you have a decent amount of mana potions and arrows you can finish the fight faster.

If you run out of mana and arrows, and the boss tries to come after you, lead her to the traps placed on the ground, for additional damage.

Tip: Don’t forget to strike while she is on fire, and always step back when you see her on two feet getting ready to cast the ice barrier.

After you defeat the Concubine, Blackfrost will appear and you also have to deal with him. Fortunately, you don’t have to kill him, but you have to reduce his health up to the point when you trigger another cutscene.

Tip: Switch to Ranger Stance, and stay close to Blackfrost. Burning Weapon should be activated to increase the damage you deal.

When you see the boss glowing, dodge, and strike. Obviously, if you have more traps or arrows, you can stay away from him and continue to shoot him, while behind the explosive traps.

After the next cutscene, you will end up in the Sewers where the third act begins. The first Chapter of this act is The Lion’s Den.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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