Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Reconquest Walkthrough

Bound By Flame Reconquest is the second chapter in Act 2: Battle in the Icy Grip, and the second main quest you have to complete in Caraldthas, in order to continue the main story of the video game.

Reconquest is an extended quest, which includes three different sub-quests activated after you finish The Dead City.

These quests are: Fragile Alliance, The Legendary Forge Of Caraldthas, and The Prisoners Of Caraldthas.

In other words, to complete the second chapter in the second act of the video-game, you have to finish all three sub-quests that will lead you to the third chapter.

Because these sub-quests are part of the same main-quest, the following walkthrough covers all of them, and explains how to complete them, and how to defeat all enemies you will encounter.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough –Reconquest Quest

Before you start working on Reconquest, you should know that while playing it, you can complete two additional side-quests.

Timid Request is the first one and can be completed immediately if you talk to Sybil, after Fragile Alliance.

The second side-quest, named Camp Security, can also be completed immediately, if you have enough materials to build 10 explosive traps.

Tip: Because these side-quests don’t require a trip outside the camp, and also provide additional experience points, you should finish them the moment you complete Fragile Alliance.

Fragile Alliance should be the first part you play in Reconquest, because all you have to do is to find Baldwin in the south-eastern passage of the camp.

Talk to him and tell him that you want to settle the problem with a duel. He will eventually agree and you will have to defeat his champion.

Tip: An accessible enemy, Baldwin’s soldier can be quickly defeated in any stance (Warrior or Ranger), by parrying as many attacks as possible.

Tip: After you complete Fragile Alliance, finish Timid Request and Camp Security, in case you didn’t.

Now, it is time to make the necessary preparations and head outside to complete The Legendary Forge Of Caraldthas and The Prisoners Of Caraldthas.

Tip: Buy arrows, traps, health potions, and mana potions, because you will fight a large number of enemies. Mathras should accompany you in your next adventure.

Exit the camp and head north, through the passage that leads to Uptown Caraldthas: Upper Market.

Once inside, move west, towards the marker showing the location of the prisoners.

Tip: Don’t forget to fully explore the area, including the balcony, because there are more Elf Souls (The Souls Of The Elves side-quest) you can find and many treasures you can loot.

On your way to the objective, you will only encounter Spewers, and standard Deadwalkers.

Tip: When encountering a group of enemies, order Mathras to control the enemies. Always kill the archers first, followed by other weak Deadwalkers, so you can reduce the amount of attacks you take.

When you find the prisoners, talk to Seawolf, and you will be sent to find the second group of prisoners. Enter the Residential Quarter through the gate nearby and head to the central area.

Tip: Again, don’t forget to explore every area before moving towards the next objective.

Get close to the prisoners marked on your map and talk to them, but stay alert because you will be ambushed by two Specters.

Tip: Place an explosive trap or two, if you wish to finish the fight faster.

Now, talk to the prisoners again, and you will complete the sub-quest. Open your map and follow the closest door that allows you to enter Arandil Square.

When you approach the marker you will trigger a new cutscene and receive a new objective. Your goal is to neutralize the Deadwalker smith. The Deadwalker blacksmith is a Spewer, and you will notice that it features all attacks of a standard Spewer, but it is a dark magic enchanted creature, not a poisonous one.

First, kill both archers as quickly as you can, then pay close attention to the blacksmith, noticing his attacks.

If you are close, he will attack you using his hands, but if you maintain the distance he will cast balls of dark magic and try to hit you with them, draining your hero’s mana and health at the same time.

Tip: The orbs or the balls of dark magic can be avoided by staying mobile.

The third attack and the most important is the aura he casts around himself from time to time. Observe that the Deadwalker blacksmith stops, and a bright purple aura appears around him.

Tip: Avoid all attacks when you see the aura, because it reflects the damage back to your hero.

Now, that you know his weaknesses, switch to ranger stance, cast Burning Weapon, and mark your target. Approach the blacksmith and attack it immediately after he attacks you.

When you see him getting ready to attack, press B (on Xbox) to jump away, then attack again. The moment you see the blacksmith casting the black magic aura, step away and keep moving, without attacking, waiting for the aura to disappear.

Tip: The ranged attacks should also be avoided.

Repeat the steps until you defeat the Deadwalker blacksmith. Continue to explore the area where you fought the smith for additional treasure and Elf Souls, then return to your camp.

First visit Castianor or Renko and give them the supplies. Now, restock on potions and visit the Captain, but be advised that you will have to fight him.

To defeat the Captain of the Freeborn Blades, you have to try to parry as many hits as you can, so you can counter-attack. The tactics are similar to those you have used to defeat Randval, while playing The Duel side-quest.

If you manage to kill the Captain, pay a visit to Arandil who will ask you if you are ready to begin the attack on Caraldthas.

Tip: You should agree only if you completed all side-quests, because when you start Chapter 3: The Assault you won’t be able to return to your camp.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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