Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame At The Service Of The Red Scribes Walkthrough

Bound By Flame At The Service Of The Red Scribes is the first quest in the video game, and it serves as a prologue during which you will be able to meet some of the characters in the story, learn the basic commands, and other important features.

At The Service Of The Red Scribes also introduces some of the enemies you will encounter in your adventure and in the following walkthrough you will find useful information on how to defeat them.

The quest starts as soon as you customize your character, and after you watch the introductory cutscene.

While playing At The Service Of The Red Scribes main-quest in Bound By Flame, you have the chance to complete two additional side-quests: None Shall Pass and A Brother In Danger.

Both side-quests are also covered by the following text guide.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – At The Service Of The Red Scribes Quest

After you create and customize your hero, watch the introductory cutscene to find additional information about the story in Bound By Flame.

As the cutscene ends, you will find yourself on the cliff of a mountain and your first objective is to meet up with the Captain in the front of the temple.

Follow the path on the mountain and make sure you pay close attention on the left side because there are several rocks hiding useful components.

Loot them and push forward then right and left to find the Captain. Before talking to the Captain, explore the area to find more components, and when you are ready talk to him. After the dialogue, the objective of the quest changes and you will be sent to pick up some equipment.

Check the small camp nearby and open the glowing chest to get the components required to craft 10 explosive traps. With the components in your inventory, open the menu and pick Bag, then Usable Items.

Choose Exploding Traps, then press X (Xbox 360) to enter the crafting sub-menu. Set the amount to 10 and press Craft. Once you have the required amount of traps you will have to give them to Peeler. Peeler is located in front of the large gates that lead the temple. He is the fighter on the left side, while facing the gate.

Talk to him, and your objective changes again. Now, you are asked to trap the access to the temple. Head to the central area and notice the glowing circles on the ground.

While standing near one of the said circles, press LT+A (default) to place a trap, or press LB (Xbox 360) then select Trap and Use.

Repeat the steps on the remaining circles to complete the objective, and trigger a cutscene showing the undead and your next opponents, known as the Hobblers. After the cutscene you will learn how to attack your enemies. Make sure you focus only on one of them and keep your sword up (RT) to guard all incoming attacks.

Tip: To defeat the hobbler, strike immediately after you guard an attack. To parry and counterattack press RT the moment you see your opponent moving his right hand. Alternatively, go around the hobbler, and attack from behind.

After you clear the area, a new wave of enemies will spawn. This time, you will notice that some of them have shields and you will learn how to break a guard. The hobblers wearing shields can be quite difficult to beat if you don’t follow the tutorial on how to push them back.

Pick only one target and focus on killing it.

Tip: Once you break the hobbler’s guard, strike him with a normal attack and immediately press RT to guard his next attack. While facing the shielded hobbler, notice that the shield covers his right side, allowing you to move around and attack his left side, especially if you evade when the opponent tries to push you with his shield.

Continue to attack your current target, and then help your companions. Next, a new wave of undead will enter the arena, and this time some of them wield bows.

Fortunately, you will also gain access to a bow, and several arrows. Shoot the archers first and stay mobile. Keep your sword up to block the arrows.

The next wave you have to defeat includes a series of mixed hobblers and several skeletons. First take out the archers, using the remaining arrows, then the skeletons, and finally the shielded hobblers. When the final hobbler is defeated a new cutscene starts and the Juggernaut is introduced. Don’t worry; you won’t fight him at this point, because the Captain will ask you to retreat to the temple. Inside the temple, you will have to fight several new enemies, including two specters.

Tip: The specters are extremely vulnerable to traps, so place one in front of them and they will both vanish.

Now, that the specters have been defeated and the front entry is secured, you will be sent to check the East wing. If you open your map, you will notice a yellow icon which marks the location of your next objective.

Furthermore, you can also notice that two additional side-quests became available: None Shall Pass and A Brother In Danger.

Tip: Both side-quests should be completed before the next objective.

Move east from your current position, and then south to find Buffalo in a small chamber (None Shall Pass side-quest complete).

After you talk to him, loot the chest nearby, and continue to move east, then north, following the large corridor. Eventually more hobblers will appear in front of you, and the ranger combat style becomes available. Follow the tutorial and defeat the two hobblers.

Tip: If you feel uncomfortable using the ranger stance, switch to warrior stance to defeat the hobblers. First kill the one with a single arm, then the shielded hobbler, using the tips provided above.

Continue to push north and you will trigger a new tutorial that explains how to enter stealth mode. Practice the stealth mode on the hobblers in front of you, and make sure you attack the one without a shield. When you defeat him, switch to warrior stance and kill the shielded hobbler.

Tip: At this point you will earn enough experience points to level up. A good idea is to spend the first two points on the Vitality Skill (Warrior), because you will be able to recover your health in combat.

As you continue to move north, and then west through the temple, you will encounter more enemies. Remember to kill the archers first, and use explosives on specters to dispatch them faster.

Furthermore, don’t forget to loot their remainings. When you get close to the main objective on the map, first head north to the small chamber to find Peeler and help him defeat the undead.

A single explosive trap can take out both specters, allowing you to kill the archer nearby, and then the remaining hobbler. Talk to Peeler (A Brother In Danger side-quest complete), then return to the main-objective and to the small area under the East wing. Here more Deadwalkers will wait for you. Kill them and you will be able fight a new creature named the Spewer.

Tip: Since the Spewer is a large creature, it is very slow, thus the ranger stance should be used. Press B to evade his slow attack then attack twice, and evade again. Continue to repeat the tactics until the creature is defeated.

Your next objective is to return to southern room where you have found Buffalo, earlier. When you open the door, you will start a new cutscene showing the Red Scribes performing their rituals.

To advance in the game, your goal is to protect them. Fortunately you won’t fight alone, and if you have several traps you will be able to kill all hobblers faster. After another cutscene, you will trigger the final stage of the quest, and your objective is to defeat the Juggernaut.

The Juggernaut is a redoubtable opponent, but you will also unlock the Pyromancer skills prior the battle. To defeat the creature, use the burning weapon skill on your sword (Warrior Stance), and attack his limbs, which are covered by bandages.

Tip: Focus only on the Juggernaut, and don’t waste your time with archers and other hobblers. Start with the Juggernaut’s legs and try to remain between them to avoid his smashing attacks. After you destroy the bandages around his legs move in front of him and stay mobile. Keep your guard up all the time to avoid the arrows and other attacks. If you run out of health or mana, use potions. If you don’t have enough potions, craft some. You can also try to place a trap near the Juggernaut’s arms for additional damage.

Once you defeat the Juggernaut, you will exit the temple and meet Rhelmar. After another cutscene, you will have to pick between him and Sybil.

Be advised that you can continue your journey accompanied only by one of them. Sybil is a mage, and she can heal your hero while fighting, while Rhelmar is an archer and he can aid you by dealing additional damage.

If you pick Sybil you will also start a new side-quest, named On Safari With Sybil.

Regardless of your choice, At The Service Of The Red Scribes ends and the next main quest in line starts: A Village Of Refugees.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough


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