Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame A Village Of Refugees Walkthrough

Bound By Flame A Village Of Refugees is the second main-quest in the video game developed by Spiders, and it is unlocked the moment your hero steps out of the temple at the end of the first quest, named At The Service Of The Red Scribes.

A Village Of Refugees is a quest which requires more time, because after you enter Valvenor, you will have to focus on increasing your hero’s level to be able to defeat the final boss in this quest.

In the guide below, we reveal the steps you need to follow to complete A Village Of Refugees, and we provide several tips that will help you in combat.

Assuming that you finished At The Service Of The Red Scribes, when you exit the temple, you will start A Village Of Refugees, and after a short cutscene you will be forced to pick between two companions: Sybil or Rhelmar the elf.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – A Village Of Refugees Quest

Before you decide which companion to choose, you should know that Rhelmar is a character capable to deal damage to all enemies, but as an archer his defenses are low, making him vulnerable to most attacks.

On the other hand, Sybil is also vulnerable to all attacks, but she is a healer, and you can order her to heal herself along with your hero.

Tip: At this point, it is a good idea to pick Sybil, because as soon as you enter the swamp, you will be attacked by a large number of Chrysalids.

If you choose Sybil, you will also start a side-quest named On Safari With Sybil.

Now, that you have picked you companion, open your map and notice the marker that shows the location of your next objective.

Your goal is to reach Valvenor; however, in the middle of the map you can see a bridge. You should know that the bridge is destroyed and you have to go around it. Nevertheless, make sure you check both of its ends because you will find several treasures and materials.

Tip: You should follow the southern path while moving towards Valvenor.

On your trip through the swamp, the most dangerous creatures are the Chrysalids. They are the flying monsters that can shoot you from distance. The fire spells, are effective, but early in the game they require time to cast, making you a vulnerable target.

Tip: Remember that rushing in battle is never a good idea, because you will be defeated. Always keep your guard up, and never strike unless you are sure that you won’t get hit. Patience and waiting for the right moment to attack are required when fighting Chrysalids.  If you have time, cast Burning Weapon, but don’t expose your hero if the Chrysalids are nearby. Additionally, don’t forget that you can craft traps even if you are in combat, as well as potions. Finally, make sure you order Sybil to heal both of you.

Even if Sybil fails in the upcoming battles, she will be revived automatically, after you clear the area.

Tip: Always stay alert while exploring the swamp area, and always loot the glowing barrels, chests and piles of stones, because they hide components which are hard to find.

When you are close to the gates of Valvenor, you will see a new character named Randval. Help him secure the entranceway, then head inside and talk to him.

Ask him as many questions as you can, then head north to enter the Center Of Village. Once inside, open your map and head to the Village Hall where you will find the Steward, behind a counter. A long cutscene should start at this point.

Pay close attention, especially to Eolas, the Red Scribe, because you will find useful information that will help you make a decision at the end of the quest. Now, after the cutscene ends, open your journal and notice that a series of side-quests became available.

Tip: Try to complete as many side-quests as you can using our guides, and return to the current quest only after you reach at least level 12, because the “beast” you have to find is a powerful enemy.

Assuming that you have finished most quests in your journal, including The Duel and The Recruitment Of Randval, it is time to assist the villagers and kill the beast.

Before you start your journey; however, craft arrows, healing potions and mana potions.

Tip: For the second part of the quest take Randval with you.

Now, open your map, and from Valvenor, head south to reach Swamp: Path To Valvenor, and then north towards Swamp: Path Of The Ruins.

When you enter the new area, open your map again, and notice that the next objective is located in the northernmost point. On your way towards your objective, you will encounter more Chrysalids, several Impalers, Whip Vines, Parasites and Rippers.

Tip: The Whip Vines and Parasites are easy to defeat since they don’t move and you can cast Orb Of Fire on them.

For the Chrysalids, Impalers and Rippers, ask Randval to taunt the enemy, and you will be free to attack them from behind. Continue to move north, until you reach some ruins covered in red vines.

Tip: Save your game before you climb the ledge at the end of the road.

When you finally enter the area around the ruins, a new cutscene begins and the boss is introduced.

The Werebeast is very powerful and fast. Unlike the Juggernaut, the Werebeast can leap and charge, knocking down your hero. Immediately after the cutscene, while in Warrior stance, ask Randval to defend himself so he can sustain more damage, before he is defeated.

While the beast is focused on Randval, shoot all arrows in your inventory, and place all traps near the Werebeast, but pay close attention, and when you see the creature getting ready to roar, step away to avoid the vines that will impale you.

Tip: The vines are very dangerous, but you can see where they appear, if you pay attention to the ground. When the ground starts to move, step away from the area.

After you consume all traps and arrows, start casting Orb Of Fire constantly. If needed, drink all mana potions. If Randval falls in battle, and he will, the Werebeast will focus on your hero.

Tip: To avoid the leaping attacks, stay close to your target, because if you are too far away, the Werebeast will try to reach you as fast as possible. Keep your sword up, and try to parry as many attacks as you can.

The only way to defeat the boss is to know when to parry in order to counter attack. In other words, perfect timing is the key. If you run low on health stay mobile and drink a potion, then approach the Werebeast and continue your attacks.

Tip: Moving around is not a good strategy, unless you need time to cast spells or consume potions; because the Werebeast will eventually put your hero in a corner where you won’t be able to stop his attacks.

If you emerge victorious from the battle, you will start a new cutscene and a new character is introduced.

Her name is Edwen and according to the cutscene she was being held captive by Eolas, who also appear nearby, accompanied by Sybil. To complete the quest, ask Edwen as many questions as you can.

At one point you will have to decide if you wish to release her or not. It is a very important decision, because the events that occur later will affect your hero and the story. While we can’t decide in your place, you should know that if you release Edwen, you will gain a new companion, but Eolas will die.

Furthermore, Edwen is a very powerful magician that will help you in the upcoming battles. She knows how to cast powerful AoE ice spells, slowing down your enemies.

Regardless of your choice, you should also be aware that our walkthrough follows the story and the quests unlocked if you release her.

Once you decide Edwen’s fate, A Village Of Refugees quest ends and the second chapter of the first act (The Evil Eye) begins.

Additionally, for saving Edwen you will also unlock the side-quests Orphan and Edwen’s’ Request.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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