Bound By Flame Walkthrough

Bound By Flame A Damsel In Distress Walkthrough

Bound By Flame A Damsel In Distress is a video game side-quest that can be played in Act 3, while working on completing The Lion’s Den main quest. 

Similar to A Knight In Distress, A Damsel In Distress can be activated by talking to Lyestas after you find Mathras in Blackfrost’s Domain.

A Damsel In Distress is one of the side-quests that allow you to reunite with your companions. This means that you should address it immediately, because you will be able to find and help Sybil, who can offer additional support in the upcoming battles.

To begin A Damsel In Distress, focus on playing The Lion’s Den, and after you find Mathras, you will be asked to return to Lyestas in the Makeshift Camp.

Eventually, Lyestas will send you to find several artifacts he can use to create a powerful amulet for your hero.

Furthermore if you have completed all side-quests for Sybil, you will unlock a new achievement/trophy.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough – A Damsel In Distress Quest

Tip: If you finished Save The Elf Soldiers, the moment you start A Damsel In Distress, you will also trigger The Blades Enslaved side-quest.

Before leaving the camp to find and rescue Sybil, make sure you restock on consumables, because you will have to enter Blackfrost’s Domain again.

Exit the camp and follow the western door to get inside the citadel, and then head south towards the marker on your map. You will find Sybil near one of the pillars containing the artifacts/crystals you need to collect for Lyestas; however, Sybil is protected by several Deadwalkers.

To release Sybil, you have to defeat three Deadwalkers. One of them is an archer, which must be killed as quickly as possible. The second Deadwalker is a guard wielding a large purple sword which inflicts magic damage, draining your hero’s mana and health at the same time.

Tip: Make sure you focus on killing him immediately after the archer.

The third enemy is an Ice Spirit. While in ranger stance, dodge the spirit’s ice barriers by jumping away and strike afterwards.

Tip: With Mathras as your companion, the fight can be very accessible, but make sure you ask him to control the enemies.

After you clear the area, approach Sybil and talk to her, to finish the quest.

Tip: When you finish A Damsel In Distress, you should play A Knight In Distress, because Randval is several steps away from your current location.

Bound By Flame Walkthrough
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