Borderlands 2 Wildlife Preservation Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Wildlife Preservation Walkthrough

At the end of Bright Lights, Flying City, the next story mission, called Borderlands 2 Wildlife Preservation, is activated when we speak to Roland in Sanctuary.

Immediately after Borderlands 2 Wildlife Preservation starts, a conversation with the Angel will occur. She informs us that the Vault Key is actually at her location, the facility atop Thousand Cuts.

Nevertheless, in order to reach her location we must pass through three unbreakable defense systems.


“To stop Jack from awakening the Warrior, you will need to shut down the Guardian Angel AI. To get to Control Core Angel, however, you will have to fight your way through three obstacles.

The first obstacle, a Hyperion security field, can only be shut down by Hyperion tech. Roland thinks Claptrap can do the job, but he’ll need a security upgrade.

Mordecai, who has spent much of the last five years spying stuff on Hyperion and stealing their stuff, probably has what you need.

Roland has sent you to the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve to get started.”

Level: 20


Eridium: 4

Experience: 7719 XP


In Borderlands 2 Wildlife Preservation, after Angel’s briefing, we need to travel to Wildlife Exploitation Preserve (if it’s the first time when we go here, we have to use the exit point in the eastern side of The Highlands region).

When we enter this area, Roland will tell us to go meet up with Mordecai to help us with the shield for Claptrap, mentioning he also have some work for us to do.

On our way to Mordecai we have to get rid of the many stalkers we encounter. He will also aid us by slagging the enemies with his sniper rifle. We speak to Mordecai in the cave near the top of the mountain and we find out that his bird Bloodwing was stolen alongside with Claptrap’s upgrade. Therefore, we need to infiltrate the shipping yard, while Mordecai provides us support like he did in Tundra Express.

We will encounter some loaders on the way to open the gate, and once we try to open it, more loaders will spawn. Mordecai has the idea to cripple some of the loaders so that the gate will open to send in reinforcements. We shoot three loaders without killing them, and the gate will open. After eliminating the reinforcements we can proceed to our next Borderlands 2 Wildlife Preservation objective.

Once inside, Mordecai says that Bloodwing can be found if we can locate the holding cells area. Here we can also find a new variation of the robot loaders, named PWR Loader, who spins his claws while walking towards us.

Tip: The blocked room with the gun chest can be accessed if we disable the electrical fuse by going on the roof exactly on the same spot where the room is.

Inside the area with the electrified fence we are attacked by different types of skags. After dealing with them and going through the observation room into the next area filled with all kinds of creatures, Patricia Tannis will contact us to give us a secondary objective, in the form of collecting ten Slag samples. These can be found after we open the door to the holding cells, and are scattered around the entire preserve, all the way until the end of it.

In the next area we visit in Borderlands 2 Wildlife Preservation, Hyperion will try to stop us by deploying loaders from their orbital station. After we eliminate some of them, a super badass loader will come from behind the door. He has a very powerful fire attack, and for that reason he must be eliminated very quickly, while staying in cover as much as possible.

Inside Specimen Maintenance, Mordecai instructs us to search for Bloodwing in one of the holding cells. We open the doors with the Bloodwing’s sign above and we pick up a feather near the tree, only to find out that Handsome Jack relocated Bloodwing to another area. When we get out from the cell, Jack will release all the creatures that suffered experiments. Dealing with the two badass creatures is a different matter, and if we get killed in the process, we can try to get a second chance by concentrating our fire on the lesser opponents.

Next, we continue our way through the preserve, where we encounter another stalker variation. After the fight with the engineers, we head inside the room with the Experimental Greeter. In this area, we have to face several loaders and engineers.

Once the area is clear, we can finally take the elevator to the Observation Wing, where Bloodwing is being held. Going inside reveals that Bloodwing has been modified by using slag experiments and she has the power of all elements. After a brief talk with Mordecai, Roland and Jack, Bloodwing will begin to attack us. First, the boss has the power of fire, so we need to use a weapon that doesn’t deal fire damage.

Bloodwing breathes fire while flying and also if she comes down to the ground. After we deplete half of her health bar Jack will give her electricity, and again, we have to use the proper weapon. Now she can do a large AoE electricity attack while flying. Then she will get corrosive powers and will do a dive attack that’s best avoided while staying near walls or behind crates. It’s possible to receive some supplies from Mordecai, and also to get attacked by some skags released from a room.

At the end of the fight Mordecai will use a tranquilizer dart to put Bloodwing down on the ground. We can now go and get the microchip from her collar. Unfortunately, Jack kills Bloodwing as soon as we have the upgrade.

Now that we have the upgrade, we have to deliver it to Claptrap in Sanctuary. On the way back to the Fast Travel station, Jack will send reinforcements, but that’s nothing to worry about, because Mordecai will take care of them.

We give the upgrade to Claptrap, which in fact can make him invisible. This way we secure our way past the first obstacle to Control Core Angel.

Tip: If we want to unlock an achievement/trophy, we should give Claptrap a high five (melee button).

We return to Crimson Raiders HQ and we talk to Roland to complete the Borderlands 2 Wildlife Preservation mission and gain access to new quests, as well as the next story mission, The Once and Future Slab.

Borderlands 2 Wildlife Preservation Walkthrough

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