Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Medicine Man Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Medicine Man Walkthrough

Talking to Scooter in Sanctuary after finishing Bright Lights, Flying City story mission, will give us the opportunity to start the Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Medicine Man optional mission.

For Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Medicine Man, Scooter wants us to go and get some medicine for the residents of Overlook, a town in The Highlands area.


“The residents of Overlook are in desperate need of skull-shivers medicine. You’ll have to find three separate shipments of medication to keep the town healthy. The first shipment can be found in a medicine dispensary – unfortunately, however, the dispensary’s power supply is missing and you’ll have to find it.”

Level: 18


Money: $692

Item: Customization

Experience: 3208 XP


As soon as we arrive in the town of Overlook we should knock on the green glowing door. A hologram appears, and the person in it tells us to get three shipments of medication to help the people of Overlook with their brain disease. But first we have to climb the clock tower and collect the power supply from it.

We check one of the tower’s sides for a ladder, we climb on it, we turn around, and we jump ono the stairs. Now, we use the next ladder and then we grab the power supply from that wagon. Then we jump down and we install the power core in the medical dispensary. Now, we can access the machine to buy some medicine for those with skull shivers (the medicine we need, replaces the Item of the Day), but that’s only the first shipment.

The second shipment must be acquired from a Hyperion requisition officer near the exit point to The Highlands –Outwash. We get ourselves a strong vehicle and we head to the waypoint.

The requisition officer is actually a human opponent with a medical dispensary on his back. We use the vehicle to quickly get rid of him and his bodyguards (WAR Loaders), and then we shop for more Shivers Medicine.

The last shipment was delivered by boat, but the people of Overlook lost contact with it, hence we need to check the waypoint at the other side of The Highlands. The area under the bridge is infested with threshers, so it may be a good idea to exterminate them with the help of our vehicle before doing anything else.

We open the container in the water to find the third medical dispenser and we get the last shipment of medicine.

Note: If we killed the threshers before, they will not bother us anymore when we open the container’s door.

Then we go back to Overlook to deliver the drugs. We bring the medicine to the three marked doors, after which we return to the hologram we saw earlier, Karima, to complete Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Medicine Man, and activate the next one in the series, known as, The Overlooked: Shields Up.

Borderlands 2 The Overlooked: Medicine Man Walkthrough

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