Borderlands 2 The Name Game Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 The Name Game mission is an optional job that becomes available to us after unlocking the Sanctuary area by finishing The Road to Sanctuary mission.

Borderlands 2 The Name Game mission can be triggered by speaking with Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s Bar, located on the south-east side of the town known as Sanctuary.

Hammerlock tells us that he does not like the name “Bullymong”, and that he would like us to help him by searching 5 bullymong piles from Three Horns Divide and by hunting down 15 Bullymongs.

Borderlands 2 The Name Game should not be a real threat, because if we followed the complete Borderlands 2 walkthrough up to this point, we should have a fairly decent character.


“Sir Hammerlock is no’t happy with the name “bullymong” and would like you to come up with a better name for the species before he publishes his almanac of Pandora’s wildlife. He’s asked you to head to Three Horns Divide and examine the Bullymongs (using violence, of course) so he may study them and come up with a better name.”

Level: 8


Money: $111

Item: Shotgun / Shield

Experience: 791 XP


If we set this mission as active and we go to Three Horns Divide, we should see three large area waypoints on the map.

We can approach any of these waypoints, but it’s faster if we first go to the closest one. Killing the Bullymongs is actually a secondary objective.

By now, we should have no trouble at all to kill this type of enemy (if we apply the strategies learned before) or better yet, we can save some ammo if we bring a vehicle with us.

Tip: We can kill the Bullymongs wherever we find them, not only those we find in the marked locations.

The bullymong piles are the green glowing piles of ice and they must be destroyed and then looted in order to count towards the completion of this specific mission. If we don’t find enough piles or enemies, we should move to another location.

Tip: We can always use melee attacks on the bullymong piles so that we can spare the ammo (or we just use the action button).

After completing the primary objective, Sir Hammerlock will contact us and he will say that we should try to kill these newly named “Primal Beasts” using grenades.

The best thing to do is weaken the beasts with a weapon and finish them off with a grenade. After finishing this objective, Sir Hammerlock will give us another objective, which involves shooting 3 projectiles that the “ferovores” (another name for the Bullymongs) throw at us. We just need to find some Ferovore Slingers and then use a low recoil weapon (preferably a SMG), we shoot the ice boulders they throw.

After that, we get the final objectives from Sir Hammerlock, in which we need to shoot 5 more “bonerfarts” (turns out that no name is good for the Bullymongs). We kill them and we go to Sir Hammerlock in Sanctuary in order to complete Borderlands 2 The Name Game.

Next, we should focus on the missions we can finish in Sanctuary.

Borderlands 2 The Name Game Walkthrough

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