Borderlands 2 Swallowed Whole Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Swallowed Whole Walkthrough

If we visit Scooter in Sanctuary, after finishing Bright Lights, Flying City story mission, he will have some optional missions for us, including the one known as Borderlands 2 Swallowed Whole.

In Borderlands 2 Swallowed Whole, Scooter asks us to go to The Fridge, find a bandit called Shorty, and then kill him.


“A bandit known as Shorty defaced one of Scooter’s Catch-a-Ride stations. Scooter has asked you to find Shorty in The Fridge and demand he repay Scooter for the damages. Just kidding. Scooter wants him dead.”

Level: 20


Money: $434

Experience: 3859 XP


For Borderlands 2 Swallowed Whole mission we have to travel to the eastern side of The Fridge region, to find Shorty. Once we go through the sewer’s pipe, Scooter will inform us that Shorty was eaten by a stalker.

The waypoint will update, and we need to follow it deeper into the stalkers’ lair. The stalkers are incredibly fast enemies, and it’s a good idea if we try to kill them using an AoE gun, like a shotgun, or some grenades.

When we arrive at the marked location, our enemy, Sinkhole, is actually cloaked and we can only see a part of him.

In order to complete the secondary objective, we have to free Shorty using a shock weapon, which is also the recommended weapon to cut down the stalkers’ shields.

When Sinkhole is defeated, Shorty will come out from inside him, and will start attacking us with melee attacks. We shoot it while going backwards, and after he’s dead we can return to Scooter in Sanctuary to turn in the Borderlands 2 Swallowed Whole side-mission.

Now, we can go continue to complete other optional missions in Borderlands 2 The Fridge region.

Borderlands 2 Swallowed Whole Walkthrough

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