Borderlands 2 Stalker of Stalkers Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Stalker of Stalkers Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Stalker of Stalkers is an optional mission that is available to us after we complete Bright Lights, Flying City (or before completing the final objective of the story mission).

In order to activate Borderlands 2 Stalker of Stalkers we have to consult the bounty board from the town of Overlook, in The Highlands area.

In this mission we have to collect Taggart’’s autobiography chapters regarding the stalkers, for Sir Hammerlock. Also, we need to hunt down some stalkers.


“Sir Hammerlock needs information on stalkers, and a former boyfriend of his named Taggart has already begun writing a book about his attempts to exterminate the species entirely. Hammerlock wants you to collect the chapters of Taggart’’s audiobook so he can plagiarize them”

Level: 18


Money: $346

Item: Shotgun / Shield

Experience: 3208 XP


Before going on with the Borderlands 2 Stalker of Stalkers mission we should know that the stalkers can be killed in any region and during any other missions to count towards our goal of fifteen.

This means that we can complete this secondary objective before the main objective, if we decide to attend other quests instead of this one.

In the Highlands area, we can spot a few waypoints on the map. We jump in a vehicle and we head to the nearest point from our current location.

As we arrive, the stalkers will attack us, so we eliminate them using the vehicle’s weapons until the zone is clear. Then we get down and we start smashing the piles around us to search for the ECHO recordings of Eddie P. Taggar’t’s exploits.

Tip: We should also shoot those that are hanging on the rocks nearby.

When an area runs out of piles, we should move to another one. The most important thing to know is that the recordings spawn in a random manner, and we can also note that they can be found in other areas with stalkers, for the fact that during our playthrough we found four of them while destroying some piles in The Fridge region.

After we find five chapters we can complete Borderlands 2 Stalker of Stalkers mission; however, we don’t need to return to Sir Hammerlock in Sanctuary, because the mission has to be turned in at the mailbox in the town of Overlook.

Borderlands 2 Stalker of Stalkers Walkthrough

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