Borderlands 2 Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Southern Shelf Walkthrough

The second area in Borderlands 2 and the second part of our complete Borderlands 2 walkthrough, refers to the missions we can complete in Southern Shelf.

In Borderlands 2 Southern Shelf we arrive by following Claptrap.

Unlike the previous area, known as Windshear Waste, Southern Shelf is larger, and it also includes an important location called Liar’s Berg.

To reach the Borderlands 2 Southern Shelf region, we continue to follow Claptrap, while playing the second story mission of the game (Blindsided).

Eventually, as we advance, we enter Southern Shelf and find Liar’s Berg, as well as a new NPC: Sir Hammerlock.

If we open the world map, we can observe that from Southern shelf we can travel back to Windshear Waste (east), or if we follow the southern path, we reach Southern Shelf –Bay.

To the west is another exit point which takes us to Three Horns –Divide.

A good idea is to complete all Borderlands 2 missions in Southern Shelf, before moving towards a new area. Most of these missions can be activated by talking to Sir Hammerlock or Claptrap.

For each of these quests, a specific walkthrough was created, containing maps and useful information that can be used by those who wish to gain a 100% completion rate in  Borderlands 2, the video game.

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough
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