Borderlands 2 Lynchwood Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Lynchwood Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Lynchwood region is an area available earlier in the game (approximately when The Dust zone is unlocked), but it’s not wise to travel here until the second half of the game, when we can have a character strong enough to face the opponents encountered here, because there are quite a few missions available to complete in this region.

Borderlands 2 Lynchwood region has only one exit point, through the train that leads to The Dust area.

Like many other zones that area adjacent to a large central area, it lacks the Catch-a-Ride system, and it only has two places where we can shop for equipment.

From the moment we set our foot in this Lynchwood, we can clearly see that it’s built to resemble a classic western town, having a railroad that passes through the center of the town, a bank, a saloon, and even a Sheriff in a smaller settlement in the northern side of the map.

Another classic aspect is given by the mining installations that cover almost entirely the southern part of Lynchwood (it even has an old abandoned underground mine positioned almost near the center of the said part).

The resistance found in Borderlands 2 Lynchwood zone is made up almost entirely by usual bandits and rats, though they are much more resilient than in other areas.

Near the train tracks, in the area that leads to the old mine, we can find some skags.

However, they come with a twist, because in the southern and western parts of Lynchwood they are ridden by human opponents and they present a powerful armor that can be damaged more quickly if we use corrosive weapons on them, and fire weapons on their riders.

Borderlands 2 Lynchwood Walkthrough

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