Borderlands 2 Hunting the Firehawk Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Hunting the Firehawk mission starts in Sanctuary and it is triggered automatically right after we play the audio log at the end of the Plan B mission.

In Borderlands 2 Hunting the Firehawk story mission we have to investigate what happened to Roland, because he’s the only one who can help us defeat Handsome Jack.

Although the mission begins in Sanctuary, the most of it will actually take place in Frostburn Canyon.


“In order to defeat Jack, you will need to find a soldier named Roland. If you search Roland’s safe, maybe you can find out where he’s disappeared to.”

Level: 9


Money: $24

Item: Class Mod

Experience: 1450 XP


Immediately after finishing Plan B mission, Roland informs us that the Crimson Raiders’ Headquarters is our new “safe house” and that we also should open his vault.

It is recommended that we listen to his advice before doing anything else (or before going on an optional mission), because we can store whatever items we want inside his vault, and we also find the next item required for the mission, an ECHO recording device.

After listening to it, we find out that Roland was captured by the Firehawk, and that we should go to Frostburn Canyon in order to rescue him.

So we need to go to Three Horns Divide and then take the east exit to Frostburn Canyon. But before we can do that, we eliminate the enemies in the small settlement at the canyon’s entrance. It’s best that we keep a distance when we do that, because there are some enemies who can set us on fire.

Combat Tip: While clearing the camp, we make sure we don’t use any elemental weapons that inflict fire damage.

As soon as we enter Frostburn Canyon, The Angel will tell us to try and find the Firehawk by following the Bloodshot signs. So we just need to follow the map waypoints by talking the path to the right, eliminating the enemies we encounter on our way; but we should take note that there are much more of them, and they are more powerful than the usual ones.

When we’re going through the cave we’ll encounter a new type of enemy, a spider like creature that takes more damage if shot in the back.

When we arrive near the 6th sign, The Angel will contact us again saying that we should pay attention to the traps from now on. We just need to avoid the holes from the wall that spit fire, so it’s in our interest to advance carefully, because we’ll also need to cross some beams.

When we complete the search for the signs, the objective will change to “Find the Firehawk” (it’s not a bad idea if we use the vending machine nearby to restock our ammunition, because we’ll have a tough fight later).

Next step in Borderlands 2 Hunting the Firehawk, is to enter the room just ahead of us and we kill the bad guy inside. Then a cutscene will start, only to find out that the Firehawk is actually Lilith, a playable character from the first Borderlands game. We need to press the action button to revive her, and after that we have to open a chest and grab the Eridium Nugget inside.

We give the Eridium to Lilith, and then she’ll help us fight off the enemies that just spawned in this area. After the fight (some badass enemies will also be spawned at the end), Lilith asks us to get her another piece of Eridium.

Finally, we can talk to Lilith in order to complete Borderlands 2 Hunting the Firehawk mission.

This mission also advances the game to the next chapter and triggers the next story mission, A Dam Fine Rescue. Before doing anything else, we might want to fast travel to Sanctuary to get a mission tip and an optional mission from Lilith (which is now inside our HQ).

Borderlands 2 Hunting the Firehawk Walkthrough

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