Borderlands 2 Defend Slab Tower Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Defend Slab Tower Walkthrough

When we talk to Rocko in Thousand Cuts at the end of Rocko’s Modern Strife, we can activate an optional mission called Borderlands 2 Defend Slab Tower.

Brick informs us that a Hyperion shipment missed the drop location and landed in Slab’s territory.

Jack wants to destroy it so it can’t be used, but Brick wants us to help him and defend it.


“Every once in a while, a Hyperion supply drop accidentally lands in Brick’s territory. Hyperion is planning to send a small army of bots to retrieve or destroy the stray supply drop, and Brick has asked you to help him defend it.”

Level: 20


Eridium: 4

Experience: 3859 XP


Our first objective in Borderlands 2 Defend Slab Tower is to pick up three Slab beacons that are next to the Hyperion supply crate. After we get them, we have to place them on the marked locations, for the Slab bandits to know when and where to attack the Hyperion robots.

When the beacons are set, we climb the stairs to command the turret that’s in the same area as the last beacon. At this point, the loaders will commence their attack. Our job now is to eliminate as many as we can in order to protect the supply crate.

The loaders will spawn across the field in front of us, but if we miss and shoot a goliath instead, he may transform and come to our position, and he can even destroy our turret.

Regardless of the outcome, the next wave will spawn much closer to the supply crate, thus we have to leave the turret and go to them as soon as possible. This time, however, the opponents come in more variations and are more powerful.

This means we have to use our best weapons, because they can quickly deplete the crate’s health bar. After we deal with them, Brick says to check what’s inside the container.

This will also end the Borderlands 2 Defend Slab Tower side mission, and we can focus other tasks we can complete in Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 Defend Slab Tower Walkthrough

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