Borderlands 2 Claptrap's Secret Stash Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Claptrap’s Secret Stash Walkthrough

Another optional mission that becomes available to us after we complete the Plan B story mission is Borderlands 2 Claptrap’s Secret Stash.

In order to begin Borderlands 2 Claptrap’s Secret Stash, we must go and speak to Claptrap in Sanctuary (north side).

As a gratitude for saving him, he agrees to give us his secret stash, but only if we do some “simple” jobs for him.


“Claptrap is willing to grant you access to his secret stash in Sanctuary, but only if you’re willing to jump through a few (hundred) hoops for him.”

Level: 9


Money: $124

Experience: 96 XP


First of all, we need to speak with Claptrap in Sanctuary to give us the tasks he needs to be done.

He will propose us a series of insanely hard tasks, only to change his mind at the end and point us to his stash that is hidden at a “very long” distance from where he’s standing.

Obviously, the stash is right behind us (while facing Claptrap), and its cover will fall apart only if we touch it.

Even though it’s not what we’re expecting, it turns out that we can actually share items between our characters if we store them in this stash.

Speaking again with Claptrap will allow us to complete the Borderlands 2 Claptrap’s Secret Stash mission, and we can attend to other missions in Sanctuary.

Borderlands 2 Claptrap's Secret Stash Walkthrough

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