Borderlands 2 Best Mother's Day Ever Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Best Mother’s Day Ever Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Best Mother’s Day Ever is a mission that can be activated in the southern side of the Highlands area, on the hill of Isotope Reclamation Tower (the highest building in the southern/south-western part of the region).

Near the tower’s stairs, we can find a gift box with a yellow exclamation mark above it (a small chest with an unusual design).

Picking it up, triggers the Borderlands 2 Best Mother’s Day Ever mission, in which we find out that the chest is actually a present for Taggart’s mother (the character from Stalker of Stalkers optional mission), and in order to open it, we must pick up the key from Henry’s lair.


“You’ have found a Mother’s Day present. Unfortunately, it can only be opened with the fist-print of the man who bought it. If you wanna see what’s inside the box, you’ll have to track down Taggart’’s fist.”

Level: 18


Item: Shield

Experience: 3208 XP


Our first objective in Borderlands 2 Best Mother’s Day Ever is to go and find Henry’s lair, which is located right near the entrance to the town of Overlook (Hunter’s Bane). As soon as we enter this region, we will have to kill six of Henry’s minions (Ambush Stalkers). Doing this using our vehicle’s weapons saves us from some trouble.

After we eliminate six of them, Henry will appear. He is actually a big stalker (roughly the size of our vehicle), but then again, killing him using the same weapons is the best strategy we can adopt.

He may regenerate his shield during the fight and he may also spawn more minions.

When he is dead, we grab Taggart’’s fist from him and then we go to the central rock in this lair (where the waypoint is). Inside, we must place the gift box on the ground and use the fist to open it.

This action allows us to instantly complete Borderlands 2 Best Mother’s Day Ever, and we will also receive the shield that’s inside the chest.

Borderlands 2 Best Mother's Day Ever Walkthrough

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