BioShock Infinite Warden’s Office Voxophone #1 Location

BioShock Infinite Warden’s Office Voxophones, Telescopes and Kinetoscopes

BioShock Infinite Warden’s Office is a short chapter that starts when Booker finds the security gate controls in the previous chapter.

DeWitt manages to open the security gate, thus opening a path that eventually leads to Elizabeth’s rescue.

There’s only one BioShock Infinite collectible in Chapter 33, because the one that is in the actual office is counted in the previous chapter. Its location is presented in the following collectables’ guide.

Voxophone #1

After you open the security gate using the switch inside the Warden’s Office you need to go back to the elevator you used to reach The Atrium (the guide assumes you acquired the Voxophone collectible from the office in the previous chapter).

There are several enemies along the way, but the path is shorter because the grate that blocked your path earlier is now unlocked.

Immediately when you enter the elevator grab the BioShock Infinite Warden’s Office Voxophone (there are two of them if you didn’t picked up the first one at the end of Comstock House chapter).

“ENDING IT; Elizabeth”

Use the elevator and follow Elizabeth’s screams to find the Luteces once again. After the cutscene you are transported in The Operating Theater.

BioShock Infinite Warden’s Office Voxophone #1 Location
Infinite Warden’s Office Voxophone #1
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