BioShock Infinite The Factory Voxophone #2 Location

Bioshock Infinite The Factory Voxophones, Telescopes and Kinetoscopes

BioShock Infinite The Factory is the chapter that becomes available after DeWitt clears a path to the factory in the previous chapters.

Now that they finally reached The Factory, DeWitt and Elizabeth must find a way to take back the First Lady airship. However, along the way they have a surprise from one of the characters.

Chapter 26 is straightforward, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some easy to miss collectables.

Their locations are revealed in the following BioShock Infinite collectibles’ guide.

Voxophone #1

When you enter the factory, battle your way through the first rooms until you reach the elevator. Use the elevator and answer the phone to find out that Daisy Fitzroy has turned against you.

When the elevator’s doors open (and you reach the Office of Jeremiah Fink), kill the Vox Populi that are now against you.

Now grab the first BioShock Infinite The Factory Voxophone that is standing on one of the small tables with blackboards that are next to the entrance (from the elevator they should be right in front of you, to the right, pass that sign in the center).

“A CHILD NEEDS A PROTECTOR; Jeremiah Fink; October the 4th, 1895”

BioShock Infinite The Factory Voxophone #1 Location
The Factory Voxophone #1

Telescope #1

Grab the Undertow Vigor and then unlock the door. Go to the other side of the area, preferably using the lower path, because if you climb the stairs you will trigger a big battle.

Nearby the Tesla coil Tear is the BioShock Infinite Telescope overlooking a burning building.

BioShock Infinite The Factory Telescope #1 Location
The Factory Telescope #1

Voxophone #2

Now you should go on the upper level to watch the scene with Daisy Fitzroy in order to start the battle. When the fight is over, return to Fitzroy’s location.

Boost Elizabeth to the vent and when the cutscene is over and the door is opened, check the room to your right (the other room has an Infusion bottle).

Next to Fink’s body is the second BioShock Infinite  Voxophone (belonging to DeWitt).

“APOLOGY; Booker DeWitt; July the 14th, 1912”

When you are ready, follow Elizabeth and board the First Lady airship. Set a course and watch the cutscene.

Eventually you will land in a place named Emporia, but there are no BioShock Infinite collectibles that you can find in this area (apart from an Infusion inside the station, behind the locked gate).

Therefore, play until you get outside Port Prosperity Station to begin the chapter named Port Prosperity (the real checkpoint for this chapter is triggered when you unlock the door of the gondola).

BioShock Infinite The Factory Voxophone #2 Location
The Factory Voxophone #2
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