BioShock Infinite Finkton Docks Voxophone #1 Location

BioShock Infinite Finkton Docks Voxophones, Telescopes and Kinetoscopes

BioShock Infinite Finkton Docks is the chapter that is unlocked after DeWitt is thrown out from the First Lady airship found in the previous chapter.

After Elizabeth knocks out DeWitt when she finds out about his true destination, Daisy Fitzroy and her Vox Populi, steal the airship and ask DeWitt to find them some weapons that can help them in the fight against their enemies.

The mission can be extremely short, depending on how it is played.

There is only one BioShock Infinite collectible in Chapter 13, but if players decide to follow the waypoints they will miss it.

Those who want to find its location, should use the following collectables’ guide.

Voxophone #1

When you arrive at the docks (after Daisy Fitzroy throws you out of the airship), your task is to find Elizabeth. As soon as you’re in control of the character, look at the small building to your left (Delivery Center).

Go inside and collect the BioShock Infinite Finkton Docks Voxophone that’s between the desks under the billboard/poster.

“GOD’S BLUEPRINT; Hattie Gerst; April the 19th, 1908”

There isn’t much left to do in the area, so you should follow the path around the docks to find Elizabeth and begin the next mission, Beggar’s Wharf (the checkpoint is actually triggered when you find the man that is investigating the broken train carriage, which was filled with Shock Jockey bottles).

BioShock Infinite Finkton Docks Voxophone #1 Location
Finkton Docks Voxophone #1
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