BioShock Infinite Beggar’s Wharf Voxophone #1

BioShock Infinite Beggar’s Wharf Voxophones, Telescopes and Kinetoscopes

BioShock Infinite Beggar’s Wharf is another short chapter in the video game, and it becomes available when DeWitt is trying to find Elizabeth in Finkton Docks.

Since Elizabeth is upset because DeWitt lied her about their real destination, she is now trying to run away. Unfortunately for her, the plan doesn’t work out and she is captured by soldiers.

Chapter 14 represents another mission that features only one BioShock Infinite collectable.

Regardless, the following BioShock Infinite collectibles’ guide pinpoints its location for those who want to find it faster.

Voxophone #1

After you pry open the doors, you must pursue Elizabeth. She tries to escape from you using Tears. When she is captured after she goes through the fourth and final Tear, turn around and check behind the wall on your right, in the alcove (it’s on the left side as you enter the room).

The only BioShock Infinite Voxophone in Beggar’s Wharf is on top of the first desk.

“SHAME OF MY SERVICE; Lance Cpl. Vivian Monroe; July the 7th, 1912”

If you get outside of the building (using the door that’s in the opposite direction from the Voxophone), you trigger the chapter named Fort Franklin Pier.

There aren’t any BioShock Infinite collectibles that belong to Chapter 15, so you need to play until you reach the Worker Induction Center.

BioShock Infinite Beggar’s Wharf Voxophone #1
Beggar’s Wharf Voxophone #1
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