Asura'’s Wrath Walkthrough

Asura’s Wrath Walkthrough Chapter 3 Hell on Gaea

Hell on Gaea is the third chapter featured in Asura’s Wrath, the beat’em up video game released in February 2012. Hell on Gaea follows the events of the previous chapter, Betrayal and Vengeance.

Both chapters are included in the first part of the game, known as Suffering.

Our Asura’s Wrath Walkthrough Chapter 3 Hell on Gaea, refers strictly to this chapter, and offers hints, tips and tricks on how to complete it faster, in order to advance in the game.

Betrayed by the generals and banished to a strange world, husband of a murdered wife, and wrongfully accused for assassinating Emperor Strada; Asura must find a way to free his daughter, captured by Deus.

The chapter starts with a cutscene showing Asura hanging on a pillar. Suddenly, Asura hears a voice telling him that he is in Naraka. It is the voice of a Golden Spider.

-Push the Left Thumbstick up to start climbing the pillar

While climbing, a new cutscene starts, showing Augus, training Asura. Augus is accompanied by several Impure Gohma.

At this point you can follow the tutorial which teaches you how to perform Asura’s attacks, or you can skip it. It is a good idea to follow the tutorial, since you will learn how to execute a dash attack, an aerial attack, or how to knock down your opponents, and finish them.

The fighting tutorial has multiple phases. During the third phase, you will also learn how to fire projectiles and how to kill flying enemies.

After this phase, you will have to shoot the rocks Augus throws at you. Make sure you hit all of them, and then get ready, because you will fight against your own master.

Augus Boss Fight

The battle with Augus is an easy one, since it is part of the tutorial you have to accomplish. Practically, you will learn how to fill Asura’s gauges and how to unleash his devastating attacks. During the final lesson, you will also learn how to activate Asura’s burst, a very powerful attack that will eliminate most enemies.

What is important to know, is that during this special attack, you have to press the buttons that appear on your screen. If you fail to do so, or if you don’t press them on time, the rating you receive at the end of each chapter will be affected.

When your lessons with Augus end, you will go back to Asura, who starts to remember what happened to him.

You will return to Strada’s palace, where the guards found you in the previous chapter. Remember what you have learned from Augus, and kill all guards in the area.

Finish the fight with a burst attack, and then watch the next cutscene, showing Asura hunted by his past memories.

In the background you can see Deus, announcing Asura’s demise.

Continue to climb the pillar, by pushing the Left Thumbstick up, and when you reach the surface, complete the next quick-time event.

-Push the Left Thumbstick to the left and the Right Thumbstick to the right

The spider tells you that, in fact, you are in your world, Gaea, but 12.000 years later. It looks like Deus’s plan to save the world, failed.

The third chapter in Asura’s Wrath ends now. New CG art unlocked: Gohma Howler, Gohma Stinger. New concept art unlocked: Fortress City Temple, Gohma Howler, and Gohma Stinger. New video unlocked, Episode 3: Hell on Gaea.

The next episode of the game (Old Friends, New Enemies), begins now.

Asura'’s Wrath Walkthrough
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