Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD New Orleans Camps

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Smugglers Locations

Even if they don’t count as collectibles, the Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Smuggler Camps are important locations that should be visited if you wish to find all AC 3 Liberation Treasure Chests.

The Smuggler Camps become available in the video game, after you complete a mission for Roussillon. Mapping the Bayou is triggered in Bayou, by talking to Roussillon who will ask you to find all camps. There are 9 camps in AC3 Liberation and all of them must be found, because after you kill the guards in one of them, you will be able to loot the chest they protect.

These chests also count as treasure chests, meaning that 9 additional collectibles can be found in these specific locations. Furthermore, Roussillon will also show you the location where you will find Mackandal’s Secret Stash, which contains 5000 Écu, but to get it you must visit New Orleans.

Similar to the collectibles in AC Liberation, you will be able to see the camps only if you get close to them. To find them faster, use the maps below in association with the strategy guide.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Smuggler Camps Locations Guide

Bayou – Smuggler Camp #1

The first AC3 Liberation Smuggler Camp is marked on the map below and will be displayed when you work on completing the mission named Mapping the Bayou for Roussillon.

It is located SE from Agate’s hideout, and it is protected by 4 smugglers. After you kill them, lot the chest to get 250 Écu.

Bayou – Smuggler Camp #2

The second AC3 Liberation Camp also appears while playing Mapping the Bayou and it is very close to the first one. Once you kill all smugglers in the first camp, move NE and you will find it on a smaller island.

Make sure you deal with all smugglers and then loot the chest containing 250 Écu.

Bayou – Smuggler Camp #3 T

he third camp you have to locate for Roussillon is Camp #3 on the map included in the guide. You will find it east of Camp #2. Similar to the first camps, it is protected by 4 smugglers. Kill them then look for a red banner near the small tent.

On the ground next to the banner is the third chest you need to loot.

Bayou – Smuggler Camp #4

After you destroy the third camp, move north towards the main village to reach the fourth camp. South of San Danje on a small hill, four smugglers protect the fourth chest, containing 250 Écu. Kill all of them, and then check the red banner to find the collectible.

Bayou – Smuggler Camp #5

As you cross San Danje moving east, you should spot the fifth camp. On the map below it can be observed next to a canoe. Climb the small hill on which the camp is placed and assassinate all smugglers, then loot the chest near the white tent.

Bayou – Smuggler Camp #6

In the northernmost point of your main map, is the sixth AC3 Liberation Smuggler Camp. Using the map below, move north of San Danje and you will see it on a large island. Kill the guards, and then loot the chest for 250 Écu.

Bayou – Smuggler Camp #7

After you eliminate the sixth camp, return to San Danje and move towards the western fort. As you cross the swamp, you will reach one of the islands that stand between the village and the forth.

On it is the seventh Smuggler Camp in AC3 Liberation, also protected by 4 guards.

Bayou – Smuggler Camp #8

In the westernmost point of the map, and also west of the large fort in Bayou, is another camp. Go around the fort, following the location marked on the map below and you will find the smugglers on an isolated island.

They are accessible enemies; therefore, kill all of them and loot the chest near the red banner.

Bayou – Smuggler Camp #9

The final camp in Bayou is protected by 3 smugglers. Head south and when you reach Elise’s camp (lower left corner of the map); get close to the dressing chamber. Notice that the camp appears on your map, near a canoe. Again, kill the smugglers and loot the chest.

Next, travel to New Orleans to locate Mackandal’s Secret Stash.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Bayou Camps

New Orleans – Mackandal’s Secret Stash

Mackandal’s Secret Stash also appears on your map after you complete the mission named Mapping the Bayou. It counts as a treasure chest, therefore it is imperative to find it. After you find all smuggler camps, you should travel to New Orleans and then head NE to the plantation outside the city.

If you open your map you can notice the icon used to mark the smugglers. After you reach the plantation, climb the roof of the large mansion to start the mission, and you will be asked to locate Mackandal’s Secret Stash.

The green search zone marks the area where the stash is located. To get the chest which contains 5000 Écu, look for a red barn and notice that you can get inside through the large hole on the roof. Simply jump down inside the barn and look for the stash in the right corner.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD New Orleans Camps

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