Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Chichen Itza Statues

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Mayan Statuettes Locations

The Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Mayan Statuettes also count for the Collector achievement/trophy you can unlock while playing the action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Sofia for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360; but unlike other collectibles, eight Mayan Statuettes can be located in Chichen Itza, while the remaining two only while playing specific memories.

The AC Liberation Mayan Statuettes in Chichen Itza are accessible collectibles, and all of them are marked on the map above. On the other hand, one Mayan Statuette can be found during Sequence 4 – Memory 6, and one when you play Sequence 6 – Memory 1.

Since you won’t be able to see a map in these two sequences, it is important to follow strategy guide which explains how to get collect them.

No matter when you decide to retrieve the final two statues, you have to be aware that once collected, the items will remain in your inventory only if you complete the current memory.

In other words, if you collect a statue and abort the memory, it will be removed from your inventory.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Mayan Statuettes Collectibles Guide

Total number of statuettes: 10 Chichen Itza: 8 (80%)

Uncharted: 2 (20%)

Chichen Itza Mayan Statuettes Locations Guide

Mayan Statuette #1

The first AC Liberation Mayan Statuette marked on the map above is located in the northern area of Chichen Itza. Look for it behind a small cottage, close to the road, in the restricted area.

Mayan Statuette #2

The second Mayan Statuette is inside the large temple, located on the left side of the road as you exit the restricted area, moving south.

Climb the large wall and look for it on the first floor, inside a small chamber.

Mayan Statuette #3

After you get the second Mayan Statuette in Chichen Itza, exit the chamber and ascend another level of the same temple.

When you reach the roof, look behind the bush to find the third collectible.

Mayan Statuette #4

For the fourth Assassin’s Creed Liberation Mayan Statuette, descend the temple and cross the dirt road, then go around the large mansion.

The collectible is located on a hill, and to reach it you have to climb the shack nearby. The hut’s roof is made of straws. When you get on the roof, jump towards the collectable.

Mayan Statuette #5

The fifth statuette is in the southern side of the area. Look for it on a table, near another hut. To get it, jump on the table.

Mayan Statuette #6

AC Liberation Mayan Statuette #6 is several steps away from the previous one, and near the large temple. Look for the blacksmith’s hut and climb on the roof. The collectable is on the chimney.

Mayan Statuette #7

For the seventh Mayan Statuette in Chichen Itza you have to climb the large Mayan Temple, in the southern side of the region. When you get on top, you will find a small chamber. Look in the left corner to spot the statue.

Mayan Statuette #8

The final AC 3 Liberation Mayan Statue is an accessible collectible, located close to the fast travel point, where you will see the base of another Mayan Temple. Go around the structure (left side while facing it) and climb the hill. Near the corner is the collectible, placed on the ground.

Uncharted Mayan Statuettes Locations Guide

Mayan Statuette #9

The ninth Mayan Statuettes is in an uncharted territory, and you will find it while playing The Secret of the Cenote, or the Sixth Memory in Sequence 4.

During the memory you will be asked to enter the Cenote and navigate through the caves. As you progress, you will eventually reach the final chamber where you must solve a puzzle. The collectible is underwater, and you can get it after you slide down. Make sure you dive, and stay close to the right wall to spot it.

Mayan Statuette #10

The final AC 3 Liberation Statue is also in an uncharted territory. You will find it while playing Sequence 6 Memory 1, named Return to Mexico. After you get the kayak, follow the stream and you will reach a waterfall. Continue to follow the green dot on the screen and jump below. Eventually you will get inside a large cave with a pillar in the middle.

Your next objective is to enter the underwater network, by climbing the pillar. Make sure that before you ascend it, you check the right side of the cave, while facing the pillar.

Look for an entrance into the cave’s wall and inside you will see the collectable.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Chichen Itza Statues

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