Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Tortuga Collectibles Locations

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Tortuga Collectibles Locations

Tortuga is a secondary location featured in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and an island occupied by British soldiers.

Tortuga should not be confused with Dry Tortuga, which is a fort located on the north-western side of the map.

The island known simply as Tortuga can be found on the eastern side of the map, south from Great Inagua and north from Petite Caverne. While Dry Tortuga features only few collectibles, Tortuga includes 11 items that must be collected, one of them being a treasure map.

The following AC4 text guide offers information on the collectibles you can retrieve while exploring Tortuga; however, since the island is occupied by the British, you should focus on killing all of them first.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Tortuga Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 11

Animus Fragments: 2

Chests: 7

Secrets: 2

Other activities: Mayan Stelae (1)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Tortuga Chests Locations

Chest 1

The first AC4 chest on Tortuga should be collected after the first fragment. The chest is behind a shack in the south-western part of the island. C

lose to it is a hiding spot. Loot it to get 268 Reales and 2 berserk darts.

Chest 2

Several steps away from the first chest, you will be able to find the second one. It is on the ground, near the alarm bell and it contains 318 Reales and 2 berserk darts.

Chest 3

The third chest is on the western side of the island, and when you get close to its location, you will see another shack. Go around it and look for a small room. Loot it for 2 additional berserk darts and 300 Reales.

Chest 4

For the fourth chest you will have to get to the tower in the center of the island. Start climbing the tower and when you get to the second floor (notice the wooden platform); look for the chest inside the small room.

The fourth chest holds 297 Reales and 2 berserk darts. After you loot it, continue to climb the tower to get the second fragment.

Chest 5

The fifth chest is fairly easy to loot, being located near the same guard tower. After you get the second fragment, exit the haystack and look for the chest between two cannons. Inside it you will find 144 Reales, a gold ring (100 R) and a silver teapot (50 R).

Chest 6

The next chest is located on the eastern coast of the island. Look for it under a British Flag inside a small camp. If you loot it you will receive 336 Reales and another berserk dart.

Chest 7

For the final AC IV chest on Tortuga, you must secure the villa in the northern side of the island. When all British soldiers are dead, climb one of the walls and you will reach the first level of the roof.

Go around the central chamber and you will find a balcony, and inside it the chest which holds a gold tiara (170 R) and 119 Reales.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Tortuga Animus Fragments Locations

Animus Fragment 1

On Tortuga Island, the first Animus Fragment marked on the map above, is located above the ground, between two trees.

To collect it, look around, and near its location you should see a fence. Behind the fence is another tree that must be climbed. From the highest branch, jump on the log below the collectible, and then jump again to get to the branch of the next tree.

Climb it, turn around, and then jump towards the first tree. During your jump you will get the collectible.

Animus Fragment 2

The second Animus Fragment requires a Leap of Faith. After you loot the fourth chest, located inside the guard tower, move up until you reach the ledge that allows you to synchronize the viewpoint.

Look down and you will see the glowing fragment, in the air. Now, jump in the haystack below to get the last fragment on Tortuga.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Tortuga Secrets Locations

Secret 1: Letter

On the northern side of the area known as Tortuga, you will find the first secret, which is a letter: “What The Voices Saide”.

The bottle containing the letter is on a small island, north from the seventh chest, and close to the water. When you get to the island, look for the collectible near 4 small stones. Notice that they form a square.

Secret 2: Cadaver

On Tortuga, the most important collectible is the treasure map, because on it you will find the coordinates and a picture that will lead you to a buried chest. The treasure map on Tortuga, and the cadaver that carries it, are easy to find, being located on the eastern beach near a rowboat.

Once you retrieve the map, you will see a drawing and the following coordinates: 336, 650.

The drawing shows a large mill which can be found in Matanzas. The same drawing also shows a cave located between two large pillars.

The left pillar is the Mayan Stela in Matanzas; therefore, to retrieve the buried chest, you must travel to that location.

When you get to Matanzas, look for the water mill in the middle of the area, and while standing in front of it, turn left to see a building on a small hill.

The building is in fact the warehouse you can plunder in Matanzas. Behind the warehouse you should see a river that leads to a hidden area. Follow the river and you will see the two pillars made of stone. Behind them is a small entrance where the digging spot is located.

Make sure you retrieve the chest because inside it, you will find 3000 Reales and the Elite Mortar Storage Plan, for the Jackdaw.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Tortuga Collectibles Locations

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