Assassin's Creed III New York West District Almanac Pages Locations

Assassin’s Creed III Almanac Pages Locations

The Assassin’s Creed III Almanac Pages represent the first category of collectibles that is revealed to players early in the video game.

In the beginning of the second sequence, the character controlled by players, Haytham Kenway, arrives in Boston.

Here he meets Benjamin Franklin, who just recovered his stolen Almanac, but with missing pages.

This is where Haytham’s help is requested, because Benjamin promises a reward if Haytham can find all Almanac Pages in order to complete the volumes of Poor Richard’s Almanack.

Assassin’s Creed III Almanac Pages Locations

At first, there are four Assassin’s Creed III Almanac Pages in Boston, which are the pages of Almanack 1733 (Vol. 1), but later in the game, players find out that there are many others to collect.

This type of AC 3 collectable is in the form of a flying page that will start moving when players approach it.

Once players see the message on the HUD, they have to chase the Assassin’s Creed III Almanac Page or else it will disappear.

There is no problem if players don’t catch it, because it will appear later, in the same location and it will also remain marked on the map.

The AC III Almanac Pages can only be found in the City of Boston and New York.

Each area is divided in three districts, as follows: North Boston, Central Boston, South Boston, North New York, East New York and West New York.

If players wish, they can buy a single map that displays all AC3 Almanac Pages found in these two cities but considering the fact that this is the most expensive map in the video game, players should follow the detailed screenshots below instead, which reveal the locations of all Assassin’s Creed III Almanac Pages.

Once players complete an Almanac volume they get a new invention recipe and the volume’s corresponding Animus database entry.

Also, if they retrieve every page in one of Benjamin Franklin’s Almanacs, players unlock the Blowing in the Wind achievement/trophy.

Along with the AC III Almanac Pages, in Boston and New York players can also collect a series of Treasure Chests and Peg Leg Trinkets.

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