007 Legends Intel Locations Guide

007 Legends Intel Locations Guide

007 Legends is a multiplatform James Bond video game developed by Eurocom and published by Activision, that serves as a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise.

The game is divided into five missions that retell the story of five James Bond movies, these being Goldfinger, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Licence to Kill, Die Another Day and Moonraker (one mission for each of the six Bond actors, with Skyfall coming as a downloadable content).

Once again, Daniel Craig takes the role of the British Intelligence secret agent known as James Bond, and those who play the game can find numerous 007 Legends Intel collectibles that provide a better understanding of the game’s missions.

The 007 Legends Intel collectibles are divided in two main types: 007 Legends Organization Intel and 007 Legends Character Bio Intel.

Organization Intel

In each of the five story missions players can acquire five pieces of 007 Legends Organization Intel. This means that there are 25 pieces of 007 Legends Organization Intel hidden in the game.

They offer an insight regarding the organizations involved in each of the game’s missions, and they can be helpful if players want to get more familiar with the James Bond universe.

The 007 Legends Organization Intel can be found in various forms, mostly as secret dossiers or USB flash drives that are much smaller, thus being easily overlooked.

Character Bio Intel

Every 007 Legends mission features three characters, but with a limited amount of information regarding their background.

Therefore, if players want to find out more about these characters, they can collect three pieces of 007 Legends Character Bio Intel for each one of them, meaning there is a total of 45 in the entire game. Just like the 007 Legends Organization Intel collectibles, these too come in many forms, like dossiers, wallets, guns, etc…

Aside from the extra information picked up along with the 007 Legends Intel collectibles, players obtain experience points that can be used to purchase weapons and character upgrades, and they also unlock specific achievements/trophies.

Given the fact that the 007 Legends video game is divided into five story missions, each containing two zones (three in Die Another Day),  the following 007 Legends Intel Locations guide was divided in five parts.

Every part reveals the 007 Legends Intel locations from a specific mission. Moreover, since the 007 Legends Intel collectibles can be found in one zone per mission, the guide includes the name of the zone at the beginning of each chapter.

In a single mission there are 14 pieces of 007 Legends Intel items, which are easy to get if players use the detailed texts and screenshots revealed in the guides. The first set can be found while playing Goldfinger mission.

007 Legends Intel Locations Guide
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